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(The Future of Premium Snapchat)


The concept of premium snapchat or private snapchat is still relatively in its infancy, especially compared to the the legit website based porn that proceeded this and still continues. A lot of models have made a lot of money in a short space of time, especially when selling it as a one off payment or lifetime option.

A lot of models, both new and old, have started to use subscription type payments for their snap services. This method of payment is usually used by models with whom snapping is seen as another viable stream of direct income as opposed to just a quick hustle to cash in on guys' lustful tendencies; or as a means of solely promoting their other xxx content.
Those models must have also realised that providing a lifetime option isn't really sustainable, especially given the fact that you have to add people to your private account, to view the stories, and I think as it currently stands, you can only add around 2500 people before snapchat says you've filled your quota. At least with reoccurring memberships, those that don't want to continue paying can be deleted, leaving space for potential new subscribers.

It's probably better for both parties, ultimately, in that models can generate a more regular income and by way of this, members should get a better service because the model will be more incentivised to provide consistently good content to retain their paying viewers. Another benefit to members could be that tipping would feel like less of a requirement or something that you're made to feel guilty for not doing, occasionally being made to feel you're being treated second rate to someone who can afford to tip. Tips can then be given for extraordinary shows or really specific requests.

There's a couple of accounts that I joined, where the models had already had subscription type payment options but someone like Jasmine, for example, implemented the change for all members after I was already in- but with at least a good month+ of prior, daily notification. Her fee took into account that this wasn't a common thing amongst other premium accounts and she set the price at $2.50 per month, with the initial lifetime fee now being the one time signup fee. Others, like Sucia and Lucy started this type of system after I joined too, but only made the changes for the subsequent, new members.

With the increase in subscription snaps, some models have opted to use merchant snap sites or adult content sites (eg sexysnaps.me or Manyvids) that help models by dealing with subscribers, cutting down the time they have to spend verifying individual purchases or chasing up those who forget to include their username, when purchasing. They (snap sites) can automatically renew subscriptions and inform them when someone's membership has expired.  
Other models choose to do it manually, using spreadsheets or other systems to tell them of expired membership.

XXX snap, is becoming more like adult websites in terms of providing content for a reoccurring fee. But it's also becoming/become like that in terms of piracy. I'm not talking about screenshots or members saving individual snaps via the DM's (which I think is silly for models to ban on a premium account) but by those who use replica Snapchat apps, to copy whole stories. They then use the content to open fake private accounts to scam people (pretending they're a model) or in some instances, dissatisfied customers will put it on the net out of spite to 'hurt' the model(s).  
(From what I've seen, this has mainly affected those that have offered lifetime premium for a very low price.) 
Subscriptions could possibly fuel content stealing further, but if the content and interactivity with members is good as well as competitive pricing, they'll still be making money- even if there is a slight decline in new members. As I mentioned previously, the ability to talk and share stuff with your favourite model(s) is a big plus for this snap thing and stolen content, that's uploaded somewhere can't replicate that.

I don't think a subscription is unreasonable, all depending on the price which should be reflective on the content provided (locations, costume, time/length etc). Higher priced subscriptions were more justified with legit website porn, because you took into account overheads ranging from website hosting fees, lighting, editing software etc, those factors don't really apply as much to snapchat; but still, even in the world of 'free porn', you can't expect a model who solely works via snapchat, to provide continued great service for 'a lifetime' @ $20....
However, the models who have created a paid for, private/premium account, where 90% of their content is promotion of their videos or cam shows, with the remaining percentage being mild titillation, teasing and everyday snaps, a one time fee is adequate and a subscription in that scenario wouldn't make sense.

(Sep '16)

***UPDATE The Future Of Premium Snapchat***
A lot of the the things I wrote about, above, still hold true and some have also come about as I expected.
The world of premium snapchat has really taken off in the last year or so. Models who used to either legitimately not know or those that used to feign ignorance/be completely dismissive about private snapchat accounts, now have one and promote it constantly.
I feel like one of the reasons it got bigger was definitely due to Snapchat's Memories feature, which wasn't a thing when I first started using the app and early premium models didn't have the luxury of this feature. It's arrival has has been a good and a bad thing- it has allowed great models the opportunity to still post past snap stories on their days off or upload video content recorded outside of Snapchat, while still continuing to make and post new content the rest of the time. It also allows for promo videos or info snaps to be posted with ease too.
The bad is that it has allowed scammers and/or lazy models who are just trying to make some quick change, to post the same 1 or 2 stories repeatedly, while most of their effort will go in to promoting their inferior product.Thanks to the people who take the time to write into the site about some of their experiences of the false advertising and/or scams.

I talked on lifetime vs subscription previously. Models still sell lifetime as an only option while others sell both options, with the lifetime usually being at a considerably higher price. Some only use re-occuring payment options (monthly, yearly) while others go back and forth between the two. The latter tend to use lifetime offers when doing special deals to attract new customers, going back to monthly prices after the offer is concluded. Generally the ones who offer lifetime at a cheap or discounted price, I assume do it with the intention of getting the buyer to later upgrade to a premium which comes with more added benefits (DM/Phone sexting, accepting dick pics, picture requests) or at least be more encouraged to occasionally tip, if the shows are consistently good. (Also in some cases it's done to appear in the best sellers list on Fancentro.) Lifetime and subscription options were already in it's infancy the last time I wrote about it but it's becoming more straightforward and common, with adult online sites helping to make collecting and sending funds easier.

In the first write up I mentioned some of those sites that help models with subscribers and currently Fancentro has now become the place to go for this. Even attracting more current and established adult stars alike, such as Sophie Dee, Asa Akira, Eva Lovia, Lisa Daniels and others, to use the platform. Manyvids also is continuing to do it, while some models use other more niche companies that utilise similar billing systems.

The last thing I'll go back to is the piracy issue. It was always going to be something that would happen, just like any other content (adult or vanilla) put out on the net. It's probably set to increase too as more popular performers and former internet "influences" have taken up XXX snapping and screen recording has become more accessible.

Another good thing to evolve from the earlier days of premium is that models are now promoting themselves on Snapchat, in the sense of models promoting among themselves. Almost all the models I routinely watch have other models takeover or promote their premium snapchats on their account and vice versa (In some cases paying for it too). In the earlier days, a lot of the takeover accounts were usually run by guys, some of whom where cool but also some who apparently liked having a fleeting and fictitious power over the models. I only know this because some models at the time told me of some of the account owners requesting nudes to allow them to promote on their platform. The model 5ucia who unfortunately doesn't do snapchat anymore, pioneered a lot of things but among them was being one of the first that I saw to create a dedicated account just for models to perform takeovers- an account that was only for her premium members to view. Majority of takeovers I see now are on models' own premium accounts or separate accounts created by models for their premium members. This obviously helps them to cut through the people who have no real intention of buying, directly to those who do.
So this is a positive evolution for models but it's also good for the premium viewing audience because you can source premium content that is more likely to be legit because models will be wary of who they allow to have access to their premium account. Obviously the quality of the models will still be subjective but at least getting scammed will be less of a likelihood. (Read here for more tips that I wrote a while back). Also, the earlier days of takeovers were more restricted, for fear of the account being deleted which routinely happened.but with this method, takeovers can now be more explicit, with models showing what they get up to on their premiums, rather than just insinuating what they would show. 
The only bad I've experienced with it is it can sometimes get spammy. After a model's takeover,  they also like to fill up the inbox with info on their premium too.

(Mar '19)


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