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During my time watching premium accounts, I have seen the best and worst that it can offer. I just wanted to share things I like to ask models before getting their premium. 

Do you play with a partner(s) in premium?


I like pussy as much as the next guy, But sometimes when the models are just playing with themselves, in the exact same way,,, it can get boring, especially when you have other premiums and they’re all doing the exact same thing, or worse still- they have no personality. It’s also kind of offensive that some feel that just because they’re showing their kitty, you should be satisfied/grateful, like it’s the holy grail. A pussy with no face, personality is not a premium that's worthy of purchase. I could just google some images.
With a partner (in a committed relationship or not), I find it’s generally more entertaining and can open up the possibilities for more variety. 

Do you show your face on premium?


Some girls may choose not to show their face, which I kind of understand but, I’m getting less tolerant of. This profession isn’t for the weak hearted, you’re putting yourself out there, literally, and it shouldn’t be a decision taken lightly. I feel like if you want to do this, you should do it properly- there should be some genuine love for it- but especially if you’re being paid for it. I see too many girls, using this as a quick hustle and because of the lack of commitment they end up offering a trash service, with no real love for sex work. It pisses me off as a customer but also its potentially damaging for those women who are doing this profession with real intents and trying to make money.
It's completely understandable for the exhibitionists ladies on snapchat, who choose to share their bodies for free, just because they like doing it. I can totally understand them not wanting to show their face and as you’re not paying for the privilege, you can’t complain.

Hpw often do you generally post?


It’s good to get a general timeframe of when they come on, because it helps when deciding if you want to get it for the price they’re asking. Some may only go on when they choose to, which is fine to me as long as it's stated before hand, pus having a model who feels obligated to put on a show isn't fun to watch.
Obviously even if they state that they do a show everyday, life happens… so I never bombard them with messages if they’re absent. Only if they’ve gone for a ridiculous length of time with no explanation, would I send a message. The one thing I can't stand is models who perform numerous takeovers but are not entertaining the people that have purchased the premium.

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