The 2 'Premiums'

People looking to get premium should be aware of the two different kind of premium sellers.

One is the model, who most often than not, started off only performing on snapchat and doesn’t really sell any other content or cam services- or dies but premium snapchat remains their primary platform. 

The second is the model who works on various cam sites, video/clip sites, personal website etc, primarily and tend to use their ‘premium’ snapchat as a combination of minor titilation, promotional and everyday life snaps as opposed to just purely explicit content.

I think the term should be changed for the models who fall in the second category. Instead of premium it should be called a 'personal’ or 'private’ snapchat because premium has now become synonymous with being primarily a sex based account.

Most of the first category models, have 2 accounts- a public one, for promotion and the get to know me, Q&A type stuff, and then they have their xxx account. While most of the second category models have one, that merges the two- with some snaps of everyday life, sporadic adult play and some flashing. 
The 'personal’ snapchat would be great for models with pre-existing fans from their other sites, to allow them to look into the lives of their favourite models while also getting a little titillation.

Making a clear difference will stop aggro for both parties. Models won’t be annoyed by their uninformed/ignorant purchasers demanding stuff, wanting to get refunds etc. And buyers won’t spend money on something they didn’t really want.

I should also point out that there are a few cam models who do adopt the other system, of having two separate accounts and putting out a good amount of adult content on one. But even in those cases, sometimes the model won’t do too much on the x-rated account, in fear that their viewers won’t buy content or use their other services; And sometimes for a fee, they’ll offer shows on the adult account, that would be considered part of the price by the models who offer solely snapchat content.

Personally, I don’t knock any of the 2 ways of offering snaps, they both serve a purpose and can cater to different customers, and I'm cool with both. 

Just a clear distinction would be cool. 

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