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🇬🇧Amba Dawn🇬🇧
(👍👍 out of 3)
[no longer on their premium]


  • Gorgeous redhead.
  • Big ass.
  • Sexy figure.
  • Good communication.


💰Payment type:💰
One off payment.

🔞 18+ features on her show:
  • Light solo play.
  • Occasional anal play.
  • HQ Nude videos and selfies.
  • Twerking/ass shaking.
  • Bath snaps. 

📷Screenshots/video msg saving:📹
Permitted ✅

Not to be confused with the indie adult performer with a similar name, Amber Dawn, who ironically is another hot, red headed PAWG but from the U.S. This Amba Dawn (or AmbaDawnn) is a. British beauty who I discovered on Instagram. I was wowed by her ass plus the fact she was a redhead and because it wasn't mentioned on her bio, I enquired as to whether she had a premium snapchat. She responded quickly telling me the info and I was just as quickly added to her account.

Amba is young, 19, but seems to be about her business. She diligently works in multiple parts of the adult industry- webcam model, adult content provider, escort and thankfully on snapchat too. Her account is an example of sometimes quantity not being related to quality. The content of her snaps are just exactly what I want to see on certain days. You're guaranteed to always see a bunch of well taken picture and video snaps of her beautiful ass and equally well taken snaps of her curvaceous body (slim on top, thick from the hips down) and also her cute face and curly, fiery red hair will make the occasional appearance. (To me, she kinda looks like Sansa Stark ) 
Similar to Krissy's premium, Amba doesn't post full on sex/masturbation stories with a dildo or a partner except for the time she posted a series of snaps with a buttplug, which featured great shots and angles of her twerking with it inserted. Instead what you'll see is close ups of her gently touching herself and spreading her lady lips, with her asshole also clearly visible in shot- as well as the body selfie type snaps I mentioned before.

In her case, I never see the lack of sex/masturbation shows as a negative. I mentioned she's a content provider and has videos where you can see her doing all that stuff.... she does incredible things to her butt. I mentioned the quality over quantity thing earlier, because Amba rarely posts more than 5 snaps in a day but I never feel a way for a few reasons.  
1) She's a camgirl and as I've written about before, the majority of cam models that I've encountered tend to do snapchat differently to models who work solely on or started out with snapchat- so I kinda expected that to be the case.
2) The price for her 'lifetime' snap was relatively low.
3) I'm getting exactly what I personally like to see 🍑👀 and for the most part, some thought and effort has been applied - shown through the sexy outfits she wears/models and the general quality of snaps (photography, angles etc). & very little to no promoting on there too.
4) She posts live snaps pretty much seven days a week, since I've been on her account, I can't remember her missing a day.
5) She is sweet and responsive in the messages. 

On a side note she's also creative and sometimes shows/plays the drum n bass tracks she makes or shows off the sexy items of clothing she's customised with glitter or crystals.

Definitely one for big bum enthusiasts/PAWG lovers. 

(Dec '16)

Her Free Snapchat: n/a
Her Tumblr: @deviant-slut
Her Instagram: @ambadawn

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