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🇦🇺Baby Doll🇦🇺
(👍 out of 3)
[no longer on their premium]


  • Gorgeous. 
  • Hot body. 
  • Decent communication. 
  • Sexy accent/voice. 
  • Regular play with her partner. 


💰Payment type:💰
One off payment.

🔞 18+ features on her show:
Playing solo, with or without toys. 
  • Regular play with her partner. 
  • Shower snaps. 
  • Occasional public nudity/flashing. 
  • Ass shaking.

📷Screenshots/video msg saving:📹
Permitted ✅

Got the gorgeous Baby Doll's premium a while back, among one of the first I got after seeing her on quite a few different takeover accounts. Had a major crush on her.

Back then her premium was a lot different to the way it currently is and hopefully will remain. 
Before, she was going through personal issues and snaps were very sporadic and few and far between. Now she seems in a much better place and the content is better and more regular.

I think part of the reason she's in a better place, is that she has a partner, who also performs on her premium. Not sure if they're an item or smash buddies but it's done her content the world of good. If he's not going down on or humping the gorgeous Ms Doll, he's holding the camera showing great angles and shots of her fantastic body and sexy ass. I especially love her snaps in the shower where the water cascades down her gorgeous butt, while she wiggles, making her ass cheeks ripple and shake- all in sexy slow motion. He also provides a POV angle of what it would be like to get head from her. 

I hope she manages to get a public account that doesn't get deleted because the stories on there were great too. Lots of public exhibitionism because Baby Doll is very much an outdoor person and liked to flash outside a lot. Hopefully she'll bring more of that to her premium. 

Definitely, worth getting her premium and I think it's cheaper than when I got it.

*Update 2018*
Has been up and down since I first wrote this (early 2016), her beauty and sexiness stays consistent but her frequency and quality of posts isn't- partly caused by issues out of her control, to be fair

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Her Free Snapchat: sgh.babydoll
Her Tumblr: @officialbbydoll

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