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[no longer on their premium]


  • Thick body. 
  • Cute. 
  • Big boobs and ass. 
  • Interactive. 
  • Fun/Personality. 


💰Payment type:
One off payment.

🔞 18+ features on her show:
  • Solo play. 
  • Occasional g/g & b/g play. 
  • Varied nude shots. 
  • Occasional public flashing/nudity 

📷Screenshots/video msg saving:📹

Bailey is mad… a nutter, but in a good way. Her craziness/ eccentricity is endearing not annoying or phoney. 

I won her snapchat from taking part in a one of her famous takeovers on manyvids. People who are familiar with the manyvids snap account will know who Bailey is and her general persona. I was interested to see if her character would be the same on her account and it pretty much is. 

For about the 3 weeks or so I was on there, she hadn’t posted anything sexual. So I thought it was probably one of those accounts that I’ve mentioned before (where the model posts little to no sexual snaps because she’s got content to sell outside of snapchat.) But I wasn’t too bothered because I had also won some of her sexy videos alongside her snapchat and the snaps were still entertaining… in a ‘ha-ha’ way. 

It wasn’t till later on, after apparently some of her snapchat members were bugging her, she told us she’d been sick- thus explaining the reason for the lack of sexy snaps. She probably told her viewers this before I joined but I could not have guessed she was ill- what with all the stories she posted of her in a bar, drinking, smoking and this strange occurrence of guys in the bar giving her money for no reason… and the black and white footage of Bailey’s early morning drunk talk, in her bed- which always follows the bar snaps.  
She also goes on these trails or hikes where she crosses paths with alligators… wtf… Her ongoing narration throughout these events and the way she says stuff, makes me laugh.

Anyway, after the illness she started posting some naughty snaps. Starting off with some solo play with her body sexily spread out across her bed interspersed with hot nude snaps, big boob lovers will definitely love her. She will randomly get them out and start playing with them before going back to what she was saying or doing. 
She’s very cute and a natural redhead, proven by the sexy landing strip that she’s got. Love her thighs too, which are almost always on show, due to the dresses or t-shirts she likes to wear.

She recently started a public account, so it’ll be interesting to see if the premium account differs/changes in style and content or if she will even keep the public snapchat for long, due to some of the people that will inevitably bug her on the public account. So follow while it’s there. 

**Update (Sep/Oct '16)**  
It's been a few months and Bailey's premium is one of the ones that I actively seek to watch on my long list of snap stories. She's naturally engaging and funny, plus naturally sexy as hell too. She still continues to post spontaneous video and picture nudes that are always well taken with various angles that show off all of her major assets. She will also sometimes have the camera on a fixed point so that we get to see all of her, and the predictable highlight of mine is seeing her bent over displaying, rubbing and shaking her ample sexy butt. 

She really needs her own show, there's always some kind of drama going on- from recent minor troubles with the law to scenarios with guys- it's all captured and hilariously explained well, via her snap stories. Her black and white, drunk rants/ramblings are now burgeoning on legendary and her nights going drinking at her various hangouts are always entertaining, especially when accompanied by her friend who you'll see grinding on one of the local guys. Bailey will sometimes get her to suck on her nipples and if we're really lucky, that will escalate to full blown semi-inebriated sex, at home, taking turns eating each other out and scissoring. If we're really really lucky she will sometimes show some sex snaps of a guy she's picked up, if he's camera shy she'll tell the whole story in the unique way she does, the very next day.  

Bailey is one of the few who really lives up to her persona in her Manyvids takeovers, (a style that many have copied since btw) and won't act different the moment you've paid for her premium. 

Her Free Snapchat: playfullilgirl
Her Twitter: @playfullilgirl
Her Tumblr: @playfullilgirl

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