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(👍👍1/2 out of 3)


  • Very cute 
  • Hot thick body. 
  • Sexy ass! 
  • Interactive. 
  • Great communication.  


💰Payment type:
One off payment or subscription option.

🔞 18+ features on her show:
Playing solo, with or without toys. 
  • Occasional play with partner. 
  • Nude bath/shower snaps. 
  • Sexy & artistic nude writhing/dancing. 

📷Screenshots/video msg saving:📹
Permitted ✅

Meow's derriere had me adding her public account, before her takeover had even finished, back when I first saw her a couple months ago.

I signed up with the intention to get her lifetime premium but during payment option discussions, being a good salesperson, she offered a deal to get her private tumblr account for a small extra fee. At that time I hadn't seen any other models offering that kind of thing so I upgraded. Payment was quick and I was added promptly.  

The private tumblr has a bunch of short snippets that I figure are from her previous premium snap entries. No tumblr reblogs and stuff, just her sexy content, dating as far back as last year. 

When I was first added to her premium, there was no content but within the next day or so there was a hot bathtub masturbation story. Since I've been on her account, the majority of stories have been self play related- in different places (bath, bedroom etc). I've seen two stories involving her partner, in that time. 
He is the Dom in their relationship, their stories together involve lots of BDSM type stuff- hair pulling, forced gagging & ball sucking, rough anal, spanking etc).
The 2nd story I saw with both of them, he was again in charge of the filming and obviously got very into it and subsequently only a few of the snaps were of the usual good quality that you get when Meow plays solo, but still there was some really hot snaps, anything involving her bum proudly displayed or getting spanked in the shot does it for me.

She plays up this submissive kitty persona which works for her because she's very cute and has a gorgeous thick figure. Her tush is exceptional, but because of the nature of her shows, we get rare glimpses of it, but her public account often has very sexy butt selfies and plus there's some nude clips and pics of her bootiful booty on her private blog. 
She posts most days and is very responsive in the DM's, taking time out of hectic schedule to converse with you. Like I previously mentioned, she embodies a mysterious kitty persona and sometimes responds to compliments in that witty vein-"meow". etc, which I also love.

A purr-fect model to add to your premium list. 

**Update (Jun/Jul '16)**
The cutie with the booty, Bbymeow has had a lot of hot shows with her lucky partner. All filmed incredibly well. Great angles and shots of their fast paced and sexy shows. Her natural and unforced moans as he's going HAM, continue to be super hot and the loads he blows on her face are brilliant. 
Her solo shows continue to be excellent, now with more long stories where her ass takes the spotlight- quite literally. She takes the time to light up and decorate the scene so the surroundings look as good as she does. I can't properly put into words how arousing it is to see her bent over and bouncing on a dildo that she's erected on the side of her bath. All throughout the lengthy story she'll be alternating the tempo, sometimes going as fast as when her hubby is providing back shots, then sometimes it'll be slow grinding motions. Every time though, in whatever speed, her sexy cheeks ripple and move hypnotically. An ass man's heaven.

Add this to what I previously said before, and it's definitely a premium to get.

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Her Free Snapchat: BbyMeowpreview
Her public Tumblr: @bbymeowmeow

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