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  • Gorgeous. 
  • Sexy figure.  
  • Red head. 
  • Great tush. 
  • Good communication.  

Tendency to leave snapchat 

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One off payment.

🔞 18+ features on her show:
  • Playing solo, with or without toys. 
  • Playing with partner.  
  • Bath shows.  
  • Nude stills and video snaps  

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After what seems like close to a year, Bitterscotch has returned. The flame haired, Yorkshire lass is back making premium snapchat content. I'm not sure why she left the 1st time, I guess it was due to some personal issues.  
She is, again, one of the ones I put in the 'original snap girls' camp, she was around during the times when they were like 5 or 6, maybe 7 reputable takeover accounts and she was one of the faces you'd see on there. I remember it not taking too long for me to get her premium because I'm a sucker for pretty redheads. 

Back then, her premium was a separate account and had content posted pretty much daily with the longer shows being posted at least 5 days in a week and at least 2/3 of those involved her partner. I loved their chemistry both in everyday life and sexually, her public account featured her everyday stuff, promo and also her and her fella's fun exploits which had me cracking up.  
My favourite solo shows always involved her in the bath; she has a knack for shooting incredibly sensual looking footage, her milky white skin and red hair really compliment each other and the way she touched and caressed her gorgeous body was super erotic. She also took some of the best selfies I've seen, stunning pics of her beautiful face surrounded by her glowing red hair. I always looked forward to the shows involving her partner, which was always passionate and genuinely intimate. To me, she kinda has dominant type qualities but when it came to their playtime she was more submissive in nature, allowing him to go to town, doggystyle being the position for him to really let loose- and again, she (and him) shot great footage with good angles.  

Fast forward to her shows now and it's pretty much on the same sexy level- incredibly well taken nude solo video and picture snaps, with hot solo play involving her hands, dildos, kegal balls and a hitachi.... Plus in a recent show I was happily surprised to see something different. She seemed to have assumed the role of a Dom, for this story, but it wasn't overstated with all the usual cliches and tropes of when a woman takes control (whip, leather etc), it was all very subtle and understated with no clunky dialog. The story started with her straddling him and taking his hands and rubbing them on herself, about a snap or two later we see that he's blindfolded. She then proceeded to stroke him to full hardness before riding him for a few snaps.  
I'm also very happy that she seems to still like giving handjobs as much as I love watching her do it, it looks amazing watching her cute and petite hand speedily work its way up and down his shaft, her hand making his big tool look even bigger- only thing missing is a finish from the handjob but she once told me, that he's never been able to get off from receiving handjobs alone- but on numerous occasions he has blown his load through different means on different parts of her gorgeous body. 

On a side note- Bitterscotch is another sexy model who has studied in the medical world, being a qualified Biomedical Scientist. Sun Gypsy and Katie are both nurses in training. There's just something hot about female medical professionals, hope this medical trend continues and I hope she continues making naughty snap content.  

(Oct '16)

Her Free Snapchat: bittersc0tch
Her Twitter: @bitterscotchh
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