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🇦🇺Bonnie Tonic🇦🇺
(👍👍1/2 out of 3)
[no longer on their premium]


  • Pretty.  
  • Great figure. 
  • Anal enthusiast.  
  • Takes requests.  
  • Personality/Fun. 


💰Payment type: 💰
Subscription options.

🔞 18+ features on her show:
  • Solo play, with or without toys.  
  • Play with her f-buddy.   
  • Anal Play.   
  • Double penetration.  
  • Public nudity/flashing. 

📷Screenshots/video msg saving:📹
Permitted ✅


I had seen Bonnie on a couple of takeover accounts but mainly on the DollsDownUnder account which is exclusively for models from Australia. Signing up to her premium is very straightforward with different pricing options- her site is under the SexySnaps umbrella, where I got another sexy Aussie's premium, Kiki Sucre. 

Bonnie always has a cheerful demeanour, her snaps always show her enjoying life. She's a travelling stripper/erotic dancer, performing for hire at different events and group parties around Australia. Since I've been on her premium, these events/parties don't really show up on her snaps but you'll always see her in a new location and you'll almost always see her topless- be it in public settings or in private- that's just on her public snap account. For the most part the private snaps are like a natural continuation of whatever she was doing in the public snap, only way more explicit and more times than not, of a way longer length. 

She seems naturally sexual and it shows in her hot solo shows. Depending on her touring schedule the shows are usually of a good length, on the rare occasion when it's short or she hasn't posted she will always apologise and make up for it with a longer story the next time.  
Even so her shows never seem to be done out of an obligation to just have something on her snap, but rather because she just wants to get off. Her moans come across as authentic and she has an affinity for anal play too, using fingers, toys and vibrators. 

I love when models have partners or, in Bonnie's case, a fuck buddy because I like to see how they interact sexual with others... and it's generally just hotter to watch for me. With Bonnie, I love the way she gives head. She spends a lot of time focusing on the head, licking and sucking on it before giving 2 or 3 deeper oral pumps and then returning to the tip. She does it in her Bonnie-esque way- a smile on her face and sometimes even stopping to say something funny to the viewers. On one BJ story she stopped mid blowy, cock still in her hand to say, "I don't even take my clothes off... just rock in and start sucking dick..*licks the tip*... too much fun" Her clothes did come off a few snaps later, where they put on a sex show with some decent angles provided by Ms Tonic 

She generally responds to questions, requests and compliments in the DM's. Screenshots are allowed. This is a naughty and fun snap account from the self proclaimed, "AussieQueenOfSnap" 

(Sep '16)

Her Free Snapchat: tonicromp
Her Website:
Her Twitter: @missbon11
Her Instagram: @bonnie_tonic
Her tumblr: @bonnietonic

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