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🇺🇸Chelsey Merrill🇺🇸
(Free account: missmerrillxxx)
🚫No Longer Active🚫


  • Stunning. 
  • Cute bubble butt. 
  • Good communication 
  • Pro model. 
  • Interactive/Engaging/Has a personality 

  • No notification of the subscription end.

💰Payment type: 💰
Subscription option.

🔞 18+ features on her show:
  • Plays solo, with or without toys. 
  • Anal play. 
  • Nude dancing/ass shaking. 
  • Very occasional public play 

📷Screenshots/video msg saving:📹
Permitted ✅


Chelsey is another one of the snap ladies who looks great with or without makeup and is a red head with a nice butt- just some of my favourite physical attributes all ticked off.

I was content to just watch her public account for quite a while before I decided to get her premium. Her public stories are equally as long as her xxx account, (sometimes longer) where most of the time she’ll be writhing around, performing seductive stripper like routines in front of her mirror or on her bed. She also has some 'wake up' snaps and sometimes takes the viewers on car journeys. 
She’s a natural in front of the camera both in her physical and in the way she speaks and engages the viewer. She projects an innate flirty-ness/sexiness- everything she says, even if its nothing remotely sexual, seems sexual. Like I said, I was pretty content with just watching her on her public account and wasn’t overly keen to get the premium just to see her naked (there’s some nudes on her website and gorgeous pictures on her instagram) but one day she mentioned that she had performed a show with a guy, the previous night, and I was keen to see her interacting with someone else- so I got the monthly option. 

The explicit account is pretty much the same vibe, albeit in a much more sexy context. Her sexy and flirtatious dialog and voice is heightened on the snaps where she plays with herself (both holes have their moment of glory)- and there was a very brief couple of snaps where she was devouring a guys cock like it was the last one on Earth, was super hot. 

When the month had passed, I was cut off from the xxx account without any warning in advance, other subscription based models have sent a notice prior, but its cool, I’ll go back to being a happy silent voyeur on her public account. 

***Update (Sep '16)***  
The old adage of absence makes the heart grow fonder kinda rings true with me and Chelsey's premium. It's been about 4/5 months since I was a member of her naughty account but like I previously discussed in the review. her public account is so entertaining (both Chelsey and her dog Clyde need their own show) and she posts sexy content albeit clothed, so I wasn't completely devoid of her presence. But a few weeks back on her story, she was snapping her butt and generally moving in such a way that I felt super compelled to resubscribe. Wasn't till I rejoined did I realise how much I'd missed her.

The personal interaction that you get with her is worth it alone, now not only does she write back she will also send personal video messages back to you - which was a very happy surprise. If it's possible, her solo shows have become even hotter. When having an orgasm her facial expressions and real guttural moan is such a damn turn on; none of that fake, high pithed, whining BS that is a complete turn off, for me, plus the filthy words she says during all this is still as hot as ever. The angles she uses are always great and her ass still perplexes me as to how perfectly formed it is. Skipping snaps on her story is an impossibility, she commands your attention, just with her natural ability of being super engaging and effortlessly flirtatious coupled with her stunning looks- Chelsey looks incredible 1st thing in the morning.. 

Chelsea is a natural at this snap thing and long may she continue doing it.

***Update (2017)***  
Chelsey is no longer doing a premium snapchat.

Her Free Snapchat: missmerrillxxx
Her Twitter: @chelseymerrill
Her Instagram: @realchelseymerrill
Her website:

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