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🇺🇲Christina Fox🇺🇲
(👍👍1/2 out of 3)

  • Beautiful.
  • Thick sexy figure.
  • Nice ass.
  • Ass clapping extraordinare.
  • Good amount of b/g content.
  • Always something on her story.
  • Replies to DM's. 


💰Payment type:💰 
One off payment or subscription option.

🔞 18+ features on her show:
  • Solo play, with or without toys.
  • B/G shows.
  • Bath/shower shows.
  • Nude selfies/body worship.
  • Ass shaking/twerking.
  • Some anal play.
  • Occasional public flashing.

📷Screenshots/video msg saving:📹
Permitted ✅

Instagram is becoming a new spot for me to discover more snap models and that's where I first saw the ridiculously beautiful Christina Fox. She posted a video of her at a beach on Far Rockaway showing of her ass, twerking and ass clapping. Through a interview she did with Jack Thriller, I discovered that this Bronx native has a mix of Puerto-Rican, Italian and French, I also watched a couple of her Instagram live stories and got her premium later a couple weeks later.

As soon as I was added, there was a packed story on there from various past snaps, some dating back 8 months when her hair was a different colour to the sexy red/pink one she has now. The snaps were all obviously new to me so I didn't mind it not being anything currently filmed- but she did intersperse a few live snaps in-between, usually calling on guys in the New York/Jersey area to get in touch with her for meets and sometimes posting snaps of her walking around different boroughs in New York, wearing super tight leggings- causing them to be pretty much see-through, especially around her ass. Occasionally she'll flash a little bit in public- but that's shown mostly on her Instagram live (non explicit). 

Christina has a nice ass, with ample and jiggly cheeks that allow her to audibly ass clap loudly, with ease. I've seen (& heard) her doing it standing up, bending over and more impressively with one leg up. She's also blessed on top, with a lovely pair of boobs that she will grab and caress in the shower or when she posts video snaps of her posing naked, moving around seductively- showing off her gorgeous thick physique and flawless skin. Also because she's beautiful BJ scenes are that much better.

I think one of the first stories I saw on her premium was of her giving a BJ in a bath tub. After frolicking and playing around, ass up in the water for a few snaps, she turned her attention to her partner (who often does the filming) to blow him. She's very passionate and into all the BJ snaps I've seen, never coming across as a chore, in fact the complete opposite as she seems. Lots of varying sucking speed as well as kissing and licking the underside of the head with the tongue stud she has. She soon started just jerking him while still occasionally kissing the tip again until a couple more snaps in and he blew his load on her face.  
The whole scene was filmed by her partner who shot it well, occasionally panning down to capture her ass swaying and jiggling as she was blowing him but not forgetting to capture the important stuff going up on top. He's done similar great filming on other BJ stories too as well as most of the other boy/girl stuff shot when she's at home or a hotel, which is probably where her best content is at.

Some of Christina's great stories/content have been: 
- Her shower shows- especially one where she used a dildo stuck to the shower door. This was a session that was filmed 'live' and was filmed by who I'm guessing was her partner again. Loved the outside shots of her cheeks pressing into the door window. There's also times when she's just moving around sexily in the shower, pressing her cheeks against the shower curtain or clapping her cheeks loudly- the bathroom tiling reverberating her claps, making it sound even more epic.
- Any doggystyle show- ass like hers has to be viewed from a POV angle as she's getting worked at speed, with a load sprayed on it too. There was also a hot series of snaps where  the term getting dicked down had to be applied here. She was head first in the ground/carpet, ass way up as he was ploughing her. She filmed it handheld, with the camera at eye level looking up.
- Any body worshipping type snaps- there was a great but brief seen of Christina standing nude while her partner who was sitting down had his face buried in her boobs while reaching around to rub, slap and grab handfuls of her butt checks. There's also been scenes of him eating her out from the back while she's bent over on the bed. 
- Her BJ snaps- for reasons I mentioned above.
- Any full body nudity shots- Christina has a great body that always needs to be seen; And when she shoots these type of nude video selfies, they usually always feature her doing some ass clapping which is always a pleasure to hear and see.

Like I touched on before she does some occasionally public nudity or flashing, but nothing that's overly risque. So places like the gym she has flashed some ass and boobs, in the sauna too. On her Instagram live, she seemed to flash her butt at what looked like a train station platform. She posts a fair bit of throwbacks, like I mentioned in the beginning. I'm a couple of months into her premium so there's stuff that I haven't seen before but also some replays that I've seen more than a few times. This is probably due to getting new members and wanting to show them the 'greatest hits' and they are great scenes so I'm not overly fussed about it. Plus if a model has been making great scenes/stories for a year plus, they should be able to replay it- but I could maybe see members who've been on longer than me feeling a way. 

But she also has other adult services she sells if you want more. Videos, pictures, live Skype or snap shows. She doesn't go overkill advertising it though, in a 24hr story filled with XXX snaps you'll probably see it brought up 3/4 times. 
Christina is pretty great at responding to messages promptly. Don't expect lengthy convos because I'm sure by now she has amassed a lot of premium viewers but the fact that she does respond at all is great. 

(Feb '18)

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Her Free Snapchat: mzchristinafoxx
Her Twitter: @mschristinafox
Her Instagram: @ilovechristinafox

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