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🇺🇸Comet Suicide🇺🇸
(👍👍👍 out of 3)
[no longer on their premium]


  • Sexy little bubble butt.
  • Hot body.
  • Gorgeous.
  • Regular play with her partner.
  • Suicide Girls model.


💰Payment type: 💰
Subscription option.

🔞 18+ features on her show:
Playing solo, with or without toys.
  • Playing with her partner.
  • Shower shows.

📷Screenshots/video msg saving:📹
Permitted ✅

I caught Comet Suicide aka Britta, doing a takeover a while back. I really crushed hard when I saw her and really wanted to get her premium. At the time I didn’t know she would be playing with a partner on her account but when I did, that was the cherry on the cake. She now does takeovers with her partner, Brandon. 

They both look like high fashion models, I’m not sure who’s prettier… They always put on a good show with a good duration- a recent 24hr story that they put out, had 3 separate sex sessions all resulting in cumshots. Brandon always shoots big loads too…. usually all over Britta’s pert butt and back. Her ass is incredible, that opinion is obviously very much shared with Brandon who always has his face buried betwixt her cheeks and is always grabbing and groping her sexy tush. I love her BJ snaps too, nothing better than a beautiful lady orally pleasing a guy and happily swallowing or receiving a healthy facial. 

To me this premium account is a couple account, as opposed to a model who plays with her partner on occasion- so people or couples into seeing other couples will like their stuff. 

**Update (Aug'16)** 
I'm about 8 months into Brita and Brandon's premium account and it's still great, always jam packed and full of hot stories. In a 24 hour snap cycle they will always post at least one full on sex show, but usually it's about two. On days where they are seemingly incredible horny, you will get three. Brandon continues to be as much of a fan as Britta's ass as me, still grabbing and spanking and their doggystyle snaps are ridiculously hot. They're both a wizard with the cam, great sexy angles and shots, Brandon being mainly in charge of POV shots in doggy and missionary and for when Britta needs both hands to give him her incredible balll sucking BJ's; while Britta provides the under shots and POV's from her angle- always great watching him blowing one of his massive loads on her. Her sexy as hell solo shows are also well shot by her, great and varied angles and I love the moments she speaks directly to the cam, her voice is hot and her mannerisms are cute as hell.
They've also played around with rope play .

Definitely still a great premium to get.

Her Free Snapchat: cometvibes
Her Twitter: @birdaparadise
Her Instagram: @cometvibes
Her Suicide Girls page: Comet Suicide SG

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