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🇬🇧Elizabeth Hunny🇬🇧
(👍1/2 out of 3)

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  • Pretty.
  • Sexy voluptuous/thick figure.
  • Nice bum.
  • Great pubes/bush 

Not as interactive as she comes across in Takeovers.

💰Payment type:💰 
One off payment or subscription option.

🔞 18+ features on her show:
  • Solo play, with or without toys.
  • Occasional shows with her partner.
  • Bath/shower shows.
  • Nude pic & video selfies.

📷Screenshots/video msg saving:📹
Permitted ✅

Elizabeth Hunny is another of the first premiums I got a while back, in 2015, when it was still a relatively new thing. She is a curvaceous/thick model who is stacked on top (34 DD) and on the bottom. She would pop up on various takeovers speaking in her sexy UK Midlands accent and showing of her incredibly sexy attributes. I think back then one of the ways of getting her premium was a monthly option via her personal site where she would give you a month or two of free premium access when you subscribed to her site and I went ahead and joined. At the time, she was doing the not so great thing of using her public account as her premium account too- adding those who were premium members to it and sending them a series of sexy snaps to their DM's. It's only a bad idea to operate it like that because if for whatever reason your public account got deleted, your premium members would be gone as well. Which is what has happened to a couple of models who's accounts I had. Also I wasn't a big fan of the sending of snaps to DM, where you can only view it a couple of times. It wasn't long however, till she set up another separate private account for her members and posted stuff to the story.

After the deal for the free Snap with her website ended, I only renewed for one more month before discontinuing, choosing to just stay with her site, then she started posting stuff on Manyvids too, and I purchased from there instead. If she was solely a snap model, I probably would of continued with her premium because when she posted stories on there was some top notch stuff- she put on the occasionally show with her now husband as well as varied solo shows, shower shows and selfies showing off her incredible body and ass. All the stuff I like to see but due to her being a full time content creator and also looking after her young kids full time, the frequency and sometimes the length of posts, at that current re-occurring price, didn't really work for me but I still got vids and ordered the occasional custom etc.

That's pretty much the way it's been since then, just staying happy with my nice growing collection of Liz's vids, until I saw her pretty face pop up on a takeover I randomly watched, where she was offering a special lifetime price for her premium- so I obviously got it. 

The frequency of posts and general length hasn't really changed much but for a lifetime price of looking at Liz, it would be silly to complain. Since I've been back the more memorable stuff she's posted has been:
- a BJ/handjob show with her partner. I've always loved watching her give BJ's on snap or on videos. They're always usually shot really closeup and intimate not really POV but shot as if you're the 3rd party in the room watching them play. Her BJ technique is some of the best I've seen, no extra frills- just sucking, licking and stroking at a high level.
a brief striptease with her back facing the camera. Showing off that sexy big tush of hers.
a lot of professional sexy pictures as well as sexy selfies, utilising her mirror.
- views of her magnificent bush, whether its in the pic/video selfies or during solo play, its always great to see such a great amount of gorgeous pubes that is still coiffed/kept tidy.

Offering this relatively cheap lifetime price for her premium makes sense as her time is often split up into a lot of different things. I already mentioned that she has children and that she makes adult content but more recently she's become much more active on youtube, instagram etc. She also has been photographing both male and female models for roughly about a year, as well as being a model herself. (She also offers fans, in the UK, a chance to photograph her at a professional studio.) Another thing I only became recently aware of was a chronic pain she suffers from, which will also understandably put any plans to post snaps on the back burner.
In terms of communication, Liz has always replied if its regarding work i.e. getting more content from her etc but not really in terms of chit chats or responding to compliments etc.

Due to me being a fan of Liz outside of Snapchat too, getting her premium at the recent price was a no-brainer- something to see in addition to her xxx videos. If she;s unable to post new naughty scenes often. it would be cool if she could take the premium members on a behind the scenes look at her shoots both as a model and when photographing other nude models or having stories where she talks as she would do on takeovers. I still feel it;s a worthwhile purchase at her special lifetime price as she's very sexy and can post great stuff.

(Mar '18)

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Her Free Snapchat: exox14
Her Twitter: @ElizabethHunny
Her Instagram: @Elizabeth_Hunny

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