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(Emily Rinaudo)
(👍👍 out of 3)
[no longer on their premium]



  • Super cute. 
  • Gorgeous figure.   
  • Great ass.  
  • Good story duration. 
  • Has a personality.  
  • Cute smile.  



💰Payment type:💰
Subscription option.

🔞 18+ features on her show:
  • Solo play, with or without toys. 
  • Occasional play with a partner. (Male/Female) 
  • Bath/shower shows.  
  • Nude ass shaking/twerking. 
  • Nude selfies.
  • Nude dancing/striptease.

📷Screenshots/video msg saving:📹
Not Permitted 📹

Just like Lena, the beautiful Emily was one of Arsenic's new recruits but I actually first saw her on Lena's story. Her antics had me cracking up so I added her public account where in between promoting Arsenic stuff and showing us her fun and up beat personality she would also slip in some sexy selfies... during this time she also developed the EmJayxo Pout©. Like Lena, there came a point where the images and videos she posted became more sexy- and fast forward a few months, to a lot of people's delight, she was offering a premium snapchat service. 

If Emily's premium fit into any type of category, I guess it would be the girlfriend experience type. Overall, the style of some of her snaps give her premium a chilled and sensual vibe. She often takes handheld snaps that look like the type you'd see in montages in rom-com's, where the guy is reminiscing about a former flame or something- lots of lingering, sweet, lustful looks into the camera while she's writhing sexily on the bed and arching her back to show her sexy tush in the background. Or she'll record with the camera from a still position, putting on an intimate and seductive show of her just trying on outfits, kind of in the way a girlfriend may do for her guy. Plus, she's super cute and plays to that- with the winks, her signature pout and cute smile, the big teddy bear in her pink bedroom, and her recently acquired bangs.

On day one of being on her premium it felt like it was the actual premier of her snapchat because of the grand entrancey-ness of it. The story started with just her all pink/purple bed in the shot, with that giant teddy sitting in the corner- that Gooey track was also playing in the background. Emily then seductively walks in to the frame and removes her gown to reveal her sexy lingerie while slowly in time to the music, the next series of snaps involved her getting gradually more naked while still moving to the medley of tracks being played. I said this about Lena and the same applies here, seeing Em fully naked was like seeing a celeb you've crushed on get nude, it added an extra thrill to the whole thing.  
Em has a perfect slim thick body with all the thickness being from the waist down and she also blessed with gorgeous boobs too.

Similar to a handful of models, Em's public snapchat sometimes serves as an intro or precursor to the main event on premium, as opposed to just an account of strictly promo or random events- making it a nice accompanying snap to watch alongside her premium. For example on her public account, whilst getting ready for a trip, she filmed a snap saying that she was 'packing the essentials', with just an empty suitcase in view. The assumption being that she would show her favourite snack, book or something. Instead, from the side of the shot she threw her pink dildo into the case followed up with her cute giggle. Back on premium, she had arrived at the destination and put on, in my opinion, her best show since I've been on her account, featuring said dildo.  

This whole scene was filmed inside the hotel bathroom, where she began her usual seductive moves to a Lana Del Rey track. She brought her dildo into play and started slapping it on and around her ass and between the cheeks before going into the shower cubicle. The camera remained outside while she was enclosed in the cubicle, she continued the dancing while intermittently pressing her sexy butt up on the shower glass. Then it cut to her on her knees, sucking and licking on the dildo which was now affixed to the glass. At some point during this she interrupted the show to post a snap announcement in black screen, with a message informing us that her mother and brother were not too far outside the door. That explained why during the dildo sucking, her eyes would be occasionally darting between the camera and somewhere off screen. After some more sucking she flirtatiously licked the glass and giggled before standing up to ride the dildo. She slowly backed into it before picking up the pace, using the wall in front to push back further onto it, once again allowing that beautiful bum of hers to press up against the glass. The visuals looked great and was something I couldn't remember seeing from a shower show before.  
It once again cut, this time we were inside the shower space looking slightly up to a beautiful sight of Emily kneeling onto her dildo which was now affixed to the shower floor. It was a great angle designed to really show off her butt, made better when her hands occasionally came into shot to lift up her cheeks as she rode, or to rub on her other hole. She alternated speeds while riding it before lifting herself up from the dildo to rub on her clit causing her to slightly gush... She again put up a PSA stating that she had to keep quiet while cumming before moving to a bath because of the squirting. Those 'PSAs' put a nice touch to the story and is in keeping with Em's funny and witty character. It was either later that day or the following day when Em had some holiday sex with a guy.  

Since I've joined, Emily has shown two different snaps of boy/girl scenes, three including this one. I'm not sure if the lucky guys are fuck buddies, random hook-ups, or pro actors but I doubt they're the latter because the snaps were kinda brief- guessing they just wanted to fool around with Em and not worry about the filming too much.  
The various b/g snaps she posted played in with the girlfriend experience angle I was inferring, because they were all shot by the guys from their perspective. The snaps were all hot especially the last story in particular. Her already sexy butt looked even more remarkable in doggystyle but for me, her blowing the dude was the highlight. I love the sexy way she rubbed on his dick when taking a brief moment to catch her breath or re position herself- she kinda lightly grips it on the tip while speedily jerking it, creating a hot squelchy sound which is a definite turn on for me. Her pretty eyes looking up to the cam while going down on him was also super hot. When they get down to knocking boots, the sound of her muted moaning and the sight of her hourglass figure, arched back and her face down in the mattress is super sexy, further made sexy by her butt cheeks rippling every time her co-star was banging into her.  
She has very recently stated that she will have a regular fuck buddy on her snap.

I can't really comment on Em's responsiveness in replying to messages or communication via the DM's, as I haven't had a message opened. I won't put that down to her ignoring it as this sometimes happens on snapchat, in that sometimes the recipient never even receives the message; And there's been instances of her talking about certain things her members have asked her or questions that she's put out and needed responses for, so I'm sure she must correspond in some capacity. Everything else is pretty much on point- she posts pretty much everyday, with new stuff being shown 4/5 days in a week and the content she puts out is of a good quality. You can tell some effort has been given to her snaps, just through observing the angles/camera positioning, background settings, her choice of clothes and also things like apologising if she's been unable to post. 
She's also good at drawing and will sometimes share her paintings on the story. I actually first became aware of her skills when she painted emoji s on Lena's bum on the Arsenic snap, I think at the time she said it was to represent the emoji's she most frequently received in her DM's (🍆,🍑,💦)
 A good premium to get, especially if you've followed Em from her Arsenic days. 

(Jan '17) 

**Update (Sep '17)**
The only thing I really wanted to see from Emjay, when I first reviewed was more b/g shows and now that she has a partner, she has definitely delivered on that. They have been more lengthy shows and less of the snippets of encounters she was posting before- I've seen her guy finally finish all over her stomach in one story and in another she pre-recorded a scene with the camera situated, instead of the handheld style she usually shoots b/g content in, providing a few body view of the sex- and it was pretty hot. Just to be clear, shes not shooting stuff with her guy everyday or even weekly, its whenever they both free. I think they recently went on vacation together and she made the most of their time together to shoot on her account, so during that time there was a lot more stories and snippets with her guy.

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