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🇬🇧Lacy Lorelei🇬🇧
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🚫No Longer Active🚫

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  • Very cute.
  • Hot body
  • Sexy ass.
  • Good communication
  • Interactive
  • Occasional competitions on public account to win premium.
  • Actively requests for cumshots and dick pics. 


 💰Payment type: 💰
One off payment.

🔞 18+ features on her show:

Playing solo, with or without toys.
  • Play with a partner
  • Nude dancing/Stripping
  • Pissing
  • Occasional public sex.

📷Screenshots/video msg saving:📹
Permitted ✅

As the story usually goes , I saw the very cute Emma on a takeover account and followed her free account. On there she showed a very sweet but sexy demeanour, always likes to dance a lot in front of her mirror and converse with her fans on her story. She also tries to respond in her snap messages.

Her premium is more about the sex and titillation but she still will respond to questions, requests and compliments in her messages. Her shows are hot and as a lover of a woman’s ass, I love it when she proudly displays it. (I think she said its her best feature). She does anal play as well as pussy play, performing solo or with the help of her lucky partner.
Their sex show is always varied but I especially love it when she goes down on him, it's consistently hot and she looks even more gorgeous while doing this. Her cute mouth on his swollen head always looks incredible. She takes requests too (she does feet stuff and pee stuff, if you’re into that). 

She usually posts something substantial every day but occasionally she’ll be absent, but any reasonable guy will be fine with that because real life shit happens… Plus she always tries to make up for it by doing an extra show when she comes back on. 
Also for you guys who like to send dick pics, Emma actively encourages you to do so, especially if you’re blowing your load for her.


**Update Mar '17** 
I've been a member of Lacy's premium since late 2015, and it has has gone from strength to strength since the first write up. It was and still is one of the best premiums around and she remains a favourite of models and premium members alike. Even so that when I put out a competition on my snapchat. A while back, with a chance to win any of the premiums I had reviewed, 2 out of the 3 winners picked Em's account.  

There's been a few changes since I last wrote, the most obvious being her new boobs, which she had always talked about getting. Another change was her performer name from Emmja to the more racy, Lacy Lorelei, I think at least partly done due to public snap deletions- but I think the name change and boob job has contributed to an added confidence as well as a few new tricks added to her already brilliant arsenal. Things like incorporating tit-wanks into BJ shows has created some great stories, memorably one of the biggest loads I've seen her hubby shoot out in the process. Pre the operation, Em was never afraid to pull out her already sexy boobs but now it seems more frequent with more snaps on the story with boob selfies in various poses throughout the day.  
Another noticeable change, especially for those who were early on her snap is her ability to now squirt. When I first joined, there were a few of her members that requested for this and she would have to tell them that she had only managed to do it once and it wasn't done on purpose but now, she's almost able to do it at will and with such explosiveness and volume that everything not sufficiently covered is drenched.
She's always had anal play on her show but I feel that even that has stepped up a notch with even more of an assortment of anal toys that they both put to use on her and I've even noticed the hubby being able to be a bit more aggressive and continuous in his anal penetration to the point of him reaching climax through it. There's also this incredibly sexy thing she does where she contracts and is able to squeeze out the butt plug, letting it fall to the floor.  
Public shows is something she's always done from the beginning but has recently snapped more of, ranging from full on playing in car rides to getting off in changing rooms. 

One constant that I love is her ass. It remains unchanged in all its sexiness. She's always been an ass shaker/twerker and dancer and these have continued, with her sexy bum almost always being the focal point. She continues to take incredible pics of her butt in gorgeous poses that show it off, with the video snaps being the best for viewing all the dimensions of her plump and well sculpted ass- ranging from her filming the classic shot where models film closeups of their butts moving as they walk, to spreading her ass cheeks wide, to oil shows specifically for her butt, to the other classic shot where models, while standing, push up their cheeks before letting them fall down repeatedly, letting the viewers know how much jelly they've got in the trunk. She also uses the slow-mo to perfectly capture her ass as she bounces on her dildo, with great shots of the lipstick tattoo on her cheek riding the sexy waves that's generated from her frenetic riding. I also get to enviously live through her hubby when he provides some great POV ass worshipping shots of him grabbing and spanking Lacy's's gorgeous bum.  

Another thing that still gets me excited is Lacy's's super intimate BJ's, especially when that is the sole method to get him off, for that story- as opposed to only using it as a kind of foreplay. I love everything about it, from the way it's filmed, to Em's cute comments, to the way she performs. Every part is attended to- the balls, every inch of the shaft, the tip. Once while seductively licking and sucking on the tip, she stated that the head is her favourite part.   

Em has always been a self stated cum lover and throughout my time on her snap I don't think there's a place on her body that hasn't received a dousing. Her face, boobs, feet, back, ass, hands.... and you can always see the delight in her face when he cums. I wrote the 1st time, that she likes followers to send her in snaps of their cumshots and I'm pretty sure that still holds true. She's similar to Sungypsy and Riley, in having an angelic-ness about them while performing the naughtiest things.  

Still a great premium to get your hands on. 

**Update Jun '17** 
Lacy left premium, no news on whether she'll return. Was rumours of her getting a job elsewhere.

**Update Jun '18**
Pretty much a year after she stopped snapping, Lacy has returned to the world of snapping. I asked her about the reasons she left and if she'll be doing anything for past members, here's the info she gave me. 
"I kept getting deleted over and over again, promo and then premium and I had a mini breakdown and decided to stop. Much better time in my life, much better head space now 🙂. I've had to start from scratch, so people that did have my premium before and have proof of that, they get a discount 🙂"

**Update Sep '18**
Her public snap has either been deleted or she has left again. I didn't rejoin her premium so I can't say which, as of now

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