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🇺🇸 Hot Haley🇺🇸
(Free account: hot_haley)


  • Gorgeous.
  • Great ass.
  • Incredible body.
  • Decent communication.

  • Infrequent snaps.

💰Payment type: 💰
One off payment

🔞 18+ features on her show:
  • Solo play.
  • Nude showers.
  • Nude video & pic snaps.
📷Screenshots/video msg saving:📹
Permitted ✅

I think Haley is primarily a cam model but I first saw her a long time back, before I had any premium accounts, when she was taking over on the few main accounts. I didn't see her for a while and hadn't remembered to screenshot her info, but because of how attractive she was and how hot her takeovers were, she was always in the back of my mind- hoping I would catch another takeover and get her premium. (I think I was initially put off from getting her info because of how pricey her premium was/is).

By chance, I was lucky enough to catch the ending of a takeover she did, some months later, and sought out getting her premium. 

It started off okay, with snaps every other day. Usually in the mornings, a few shower snaps (mostly pics, hardly ever videos) followed by snaps of daily life. She's a single mother, with a couple of kids so I wasn't expecting jam packed sex shows every night but something at least once a week, resembling the hot takeovers she performed. 
During that 1st initial period of me being on her account I bought one of her vids, a BJ vid, which instantly made it into my top 5 BJ vids I've ever seen. Everything about the video was perfect, from start to the big finish and I hoped, again, to hopefully see something resembling this on her premium. 

Haley sorta recently did another rare takeover on ratemyass and again the takeover was ridiculously hot. Her sexy ass was displayed in hot positions and spanked on a number of occasions, her outfit complimented her gorgeous figure and I couldn't help but wishing... 
Snaps initially increased for a little while, probably because of the new subscribers but got gradually less and recently there's been a moment of her being sick for quite a while, so she was understandably absent.

Currently still next to nothing being posted on there. If you're on Twitter, you might wanna just follow her on there, some of the nude pics she posts on premium, she'll end up posting there too. 
I don't use cams, so I don't really know how often she's on there but maybe her xxx snap will be great for those who are already fans of her, from camming. 

**Update (Jun/Jul '16)** 
Haley has now got a separate account for premium, which I always think is a better option for models to have. Her posting has been somewhat more regular, there was a great shower show from her among other sexy snaps. Her Manyvid account also has new videos included which I'll definitely take a look at.

**Update (Dec '16)**
She hasn't been on for about the last three months

**Update (Apr '17)**
Haley has been continually on for the past month or so, delivering the type of snaps that she promised in her great takeovers. She takes a lot more video type snaps that show off her perfect figure and incredible butt- to go alongside the pics/selfies she usually takes. She has a day job too, so you'll often see sexy stories that involve her getting ready for work, stuff like her stripping for showers, shower snaps, getting dressed etc. 

Her Free Snapchat: hot_haley
Her Twitter: @hot_haley_

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