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🇺🇸Jasmine Venus🇺🇸
(The Ass Princess) 
(Free account: callipygianbabe)
🚫No Longer Active🚫


  • Sexy ass.
  • Hot body.
  • Good communication.
  • Gorgeous.


💰Payment type: 💰
Subscription option.

🔞 18+ features on her show:
  • Plays solo, with or without toys.
  • Occasional play with her partner.
  • HQ nude body selfies.
  • Ass shaking/twerking.
  • Occasional bath/shower shows.
  • Occasional public nudity/flashing.

📷Screenshots/video msg saving:📹
Permitted ✅
(Only allowed for gold premium members)

The Ass Princess, name kinda says it all. Anything with ass mentioned rings out to me. She is definitely a cutie with a booty to match. 

Followed her public account but couldn’t deal with the hot teasing and sexy writhing on her bed so quickly got her premium. I think she once said on a takeover or on her public snapchat that she has part Native American ancestry, I can’t remember- in my defence it was kinda hard concentrating on the words on the screen with the views behind it, but if that is what she said, it would help explain her gorgeous eyes, striking dark hair and the sexy butt she possesses. 

In the relatively brief time I’ve been on her premium, she has posted daily and often. She sometimes posts interspersed snaps during the 24 hours- some stuff here and there (some sexy moves on her bed, with her ass being the star attraction or sexy video mirror selfies) and sometimes she will post proper full length shows, with a theme and aesthetic look to it. which I always prefer. 

Her recent shows where exactly that and her artistic nature was in full display. She performed an erotic dance but used special glow paint placed on her body in various locations and styles- including two handprints not managing to fully cover her sexy ass cheeks. Lights were off, only a UV light was used making the paint pop- visually incredible. But it was also ridiculously sexy, she was making her hand-printed ass twerk in the foreground while sucking a luminous dildo in the background. 
The shots were filmed from a stand/tripod and also handheld, showing all of her gorgeous body in the bright colours.

(N.B.The only time I saw something similar is when, Sun Gypsy​ did a highly skilled, sexy hula hoop session with a multi-coloured, luminous hula hoop.) 

She followed all of that with a series of sexy shower snaps, the paint refusing to leave her bum. 

Most recently she had a bath session, again very well shot and incredibly hot. Hope she does more longer sessions like these, whenever she can. 
She’s also good with messages- she answers questions and is generally pretty responsive, a good premium to get.

Her Free Snapchat: callipygianbabe
Her Instagram: @callipygianqueen
Her Tumblr: @theassprincess

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