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🇬🇧Juicy Lucy🇬🇧
(👍👍👍 out of 3)


  • Stunning beauty.  
  • Great communication.  
  • Surprise meets with different guys.  
  • Has her own fuck machine! 
  • Big boobs and bum.  
  • Interactive 


💰Payment type: 💰

🔞 18+ features on her show:
  • Playing solo, with or without toys.  
  • Playing (usually blowjobs) with different guys.  
  • Shower snaps.  
  • Occasional public flashing/shows


Juicy Lucy is definitely one of my favourite premium ladies. She is stunning, sexy and funny. She frequently posts, even when life gets hectic, with her 17 jobs , she will still, at the very least post a bunch of incredibly sexy pics and dildo sucking videos - whilst unnecessarily apologising for not posting a lot.  
Her posts are varied, she sometimes plays in public places- she once attached her suction dildo to the mirror in a shops' dressing room cubicle and proceeded to fuck it. She also bought her own mechanical fuck machine showing she is a real nympho, her moans and the visuals are sexy as hell when she uses it.  

The thing that really makes her naughty account standout is the random events and random guys she takes pleasure in servicing. She has an oral fixation and will often surprise us with an unannounced blowjob story, with one of her lucky guys, whom she loves to deepthroat till her eyes water. She also has regular sex with them too on occasion but it's the head and hand pumping that does it for me, coupled with her gorgeous face and cute facial expressions. 
Another surprise I like is when she occasionally speaks on cam, with her gorgeous Welsh accent. 

So far the most memorable random event was when she went out of town to a club with her friends. A series of normal snaps took place, showing her in the club raving and just generally having fun. Then a snap appeared of her friends and her in the Ladies room just joking around, with one of them in the cubicle pissing. The next snap cut straight to one of them licking on Lucy's nipple and then convincing/telling the other friend to do the same. The next was a snap of them leaving the toilet then mischievously peeking into the adjacent Men's room, where I think two guys were standing at the urinal. I thought nothing else could possibly come from that but what followed was a great POV snap of Lucy and her friend on their knees, her friend sucking this lucky guy while Lucy was also orally paying attention to his balls, glancing up with her stunning face.... The next snap was of them quickly exiting the club, laughing and talking.  
She will occasionally put her greatest hits on the story, with this new 'memories' feature on snap, I hope she replays that story, if she saved it.

Premium definitely worth the price of admission.  

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Her Free Snapchat: juicylucy.505
Her Twitter: @juicylucy505
Her tumblr: @juicylucy505

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