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🇺🇸 Krissy🇺🇸
(Free account: krissy-bby21)


Hot body.  
Incredible ass. 
Very cute.  
Good communication. 


💰Payment type:💰 
One off payment.

🔞 18+ features on her show:
Nude teasing snaps.  
Nude bath/shower snaps. 
Dancing/twerking/ass shaking, nude. 
Nude pole dancing.   

📷Screenshots/video msg saving:📹
Permitted ✅

Krissy's hot twerking was the 1at thing that peaked my interest, when I caught her takeover. She is in possession of one of the hottest derrières on snapchat not overly big, but very noticeable and perfectly shaped- and she utilises it incredibly well. She also works/worked as a stripper so is naturally really in tune with her body and she's also incredibly fit.
On the public snapchat she often posts the Zumba classes she attends, where you get to briefly see one of the most naturally sexy dancers in action. As well as that type of dancing, she showcases her incredible pole dancing acrobatics and routines with her pole that she has erected, in her home.

On her premium she does pretty much the same activities but all in the nude. (Obviously not the Zumba, public indecency and all that..). Due to my affinity with bums, it's always a personal pleasure seeing her bent over and shaking her rump- but with Krissy you also get her hot nude dancing which often progresses to the aforementioned, incredible twerking- which I have to state is twerking done correctly, the traditional and proper way, before just general ass shaking was called twerking - there's always great snaps of her pretty butthole appearing and disappearing every time her ample cheeks open and close.

Occasionally she will briefly show her kitty, gently touching it but if you're looking for full on masturbation stories you won't find that here.
Brief can also be used to describe the duration of Krissy's stories on her account, some days it's longer and always of the same good content, it's just that because she's so hot you inevitably wanna see more of her in the 24hr story; But she does post on her story pretty much every day, also informing us if she'll be busy or vacationing etc.

Krissy also has a very sweet, girl next door persona. The girl next door you lust over... She has a gorgeous voice, both when talking (I love it when she says "love you" to her followers after every story) and also when singing (she sings covers and her own songs on her public account). She's got good communication too, almost always taking time to respond to messages. 

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Her Free Snapchat: krissy-bby21
Her Instagram: @krissybby24
Clip of Krissy twerking: here

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