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🇺🇸Lena The Plug (Lena Nersesian)🇺🇸
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[no longer on their premium]


  • Big ass. 
  • Pretty.  
  • Incredible ass.   
  • Great figure.   
  • Superb ass. 

  • Inconsistent story duration. 

💰Payment type: 💰
Subscription option.

🔞 18+ features on her show:
  • Playing solo, with or without toys. 
  • Occasional play with a partner.  
  • Bath/shower snaps.  
  • Nude video and picture selfie snaps.

📷Screenshots/video msg saving:📹
Permitted ✅


I first saw Lena when she came to work for Arsenic, a predominantly snapchat based youth culture magazine company, where models feature heavily. She was involved in various things from takeovers to shooting behind the scenes footage of photoshoots and a lot of other stuff. When they branched out and started the Arsenic Music snap account, I think Lena was in charge of that side but you would still see her at photoshoots at the main house, filming the models who being photographed or filming the many Arsenic pool parties. I think that it was at one of these events that I first caught a glimpse of her now famous butt, which made her clearly stand out from all the professional models, in a good way. 

Fast forward a few months and I started seeing her get more into the modelling side of things, her Instagram slowly started to show more risqué or sexier pictures, occasionally causing her 'gram or individual pics to get deleted/suspended. Her general profile increased, I randomly saw a video of her on DJ Akademiks youtube channel and also on a No Jumper interview with adult star, Karlee Grey. I also saw a stylish nude pic with her and her gorgeous friend Emily on her Twitter account. Her public snap which, prior, was mainly about showing her entertaining daily events, behind the scenes at Arsenic and general musings, now started displaying sexier selfies and videos reminiscent of what you'd see on most premium snap models' public accounts, so I started to get a feeling that she may begin to offer this XXX service to her bevy of online fans- but I wasn't 100% sure she could while employed to Arsenic. 
She soon parted with Arsenic and not too long after offered premium snapchat services.  

When I initially saw her on there it was kinda like watching a leaked celebrity sex tape, I guess it was because of her profile and because I wasn't sure if she'd actually do the naughty snap thing. I got over that in a couple of days though and watched in the same way I'd do with any snap model.  
I was 'happy' as hell seeing Lena's booty completely free from clothing and from only being able to see it in still pictures, now I was able to view in video form, watching it ripple as she smacks it. She's great at capturing the angles of her ample derrière with the use of under-ass shots and the many mirrors she has in her residence. There was a brief succession of video snaps that she posted where you could appreciate the beauty of it- the camera was left static, leaving her free to face the wall with the palm of her hands on said wall, while she was shaking her ass to the camera... loved it. Also, her full body selfies, that for the most part were previously also restricted by clothing and censoring, was also a welcome thing to see. Her body is gorgeous- slim torso, while her bottom half is all thickness, all well captured in the sexy snaps. 

She performs solo shows mostly with her pink glass dildo and also another more life-like one, she'll often start the solo shows by seductively looking in to the cam, with her seriously gorgeous eyes, while licking and sucking on it before properly getting into it. Since I've been a part of the snap, this has mainly been the general routine of the snaps but one day she showed a replay (using the snapchat memories feature) of a show that featured the stupidly hot Karlee Grey, her adult performer friend who I previously mentioned, which took the story to a different level. Lena sort of took a backseat and was slightly more submissive in their snap encounter, leaving Karlee to take control. Lots of hot snaps of Karlee inserting things and having Lena lay on her back or standing up while she worshipped, kissed and spanked her sexy ass. Having Kaylee there also allowed her to shoot a couple of hot snaps of Lena bent over while playing with dildo. One snap in particular she shot from an elevated angle, a perfect way to see the full magnificence of her ass, before panning down to see the back and forth of the dildo that Lena was enjoying using- all while Karlee was voicing her approval. There was also a hot POV snap of Karlee crawling towards Lena, before burying her face in her snatch. 
I hope to see more shows in the future with Karlee or some other partner, guy or girl. I like to see how she interacts with other people and I also want to live vicariously through them as they get to worship her ass.  

Lena posts something pretty much daily, but length greatly varies. Sometimes a few brief snaps peppered throughout the day, sometimes just one short story and other times a longer story. Due to her opting to provide a subscription based service that currently charges similar prices to an adult performers website, where you can actually download the content, I feel that the stories need to be more consistent in terms of duration/length. Obviously she has a life and can't shoot long stuff everyday but at least it could be done on the majority of days that she chooses to snap in a week. So if she snaps 5 days a week, it would be cool to have at least 3 of those days with lengthy and varied stories.  
She answers questions and is decent with replying to miscellaneous messages and compliments. A good premium to get if you've been a fan of Lena and a fan of righteous booty, 

(Oct '16) 

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Her Free Snapchat: rlynottheplug
Her Twitter: @lenanersesian
Her Instagram: @lenatheplug

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