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  • Gorgeous. 
  • Great ass. 
  • Sexy statuesque figure. 
  • Great communication.
  • Interactive.
  • Has a personality/funny
  • Varied shows.
  • Great public nudity.
  • Convincing domme/sub switch


💰Payment type:💰 
Subscription option.

🔞 18+ features on her show:
  • Nude snaps. 
  • Solo play. 
  • Play with partner and other models.
  • Public play/nudity.
  • JOI.
  • Behind the scenes previews.
  • Anal
  • Double penetration.
  • Rope play.

📷Screenshots/video msg saving:📹
Permitted ✅

Similar to Sun Gypsy, I think the first time I laid eyes on Lux was during a Bosstanation takeover she did, probably a couple years back. Lux is gorgeous, sexy but also really effortlessly cool and chill asf. She's a camgirl, model, clip/video maker, wrestling fanatic (not just WWE), 420 enthusiast, food lover, music lover and lots more. She would occasionally post topless snaps of her just smoking or talking to her viewers, as well as showing her day to day life.
I always intended to get her premium but I luckily caught a takeover that she was on and I managed to win it, in a spin the wheel competition she put on.  

Her chill vibe and sense of humour is also reflected in her premium, more so in the first stories that I saw a a members. One of the first was a fun Q&A in the form of a Truth Or Dare, which made me love her even more after I discovered her love of Wu-Tang. I also discovered her premium members were cool as fuck too because through the dares and questions submitted, we got to see her shake her naked rump to ODB's Shimmy Ya and she recited one of GZA's opening lines with a gag in her mouth. They requested lots of stuff involving her sexy bum including butt plug play, general ass worship-y stuff like cheek squeezing and smacking as well as some public nudity too- great members. She also showed us all her plants which have names from members of The Wu.

Lux's shows vary, a solo show could feature her just using her dildo, next time it could be double penetration, another time she could be using a Hitachi with a gag in her mouth. She sometimes has her partner filming some of her solo stuff, especially when it involves showing off her sexy rear end.  
He does get involved in an official capacity too. A lot of times he'll be using the Hitachi on a expertly tied up Lux, forcing her to have orgasm after orgasm while she's squirming and moaning in her restraints. He's also lucky enough to get Lux's hot BJ and HJ combos. A great one being the story when she announced "Today I'm gonna do all kinds of jobs... on a cock. I'm gonna do footjobs & handjobs & blowjobs..." and then proceeded to do all of that. Her fella filmed the entire story from his perspective, lying on the bed with the gorgeous Lux kneeling upright between his legs, looking down at him as she stroked him to full hardness before blowing him while stopping to only give full length strokes. She then slightly manoeuvred herself into a slightly different but equally sexy position to wrap her feet around his member. Her legs were splayed while she leaned back slightly to prop herself up as she was giving the footjob. It got hotter when she then began to ride him in reverse cowgirl, giving us a great view of her butt and then in the next snap, she had rotated to where we could see her sexy face too as she rode him. 

Other than Jenna Tsukino, Lux is probably the only one that I've seen, be able to switch dominating roles easily and convincingly. In the '3 Jobs' story that I just described, Lux was in more of a dominant role, to me,  the way it was filmed had her always looking down on him coupled with the sexy in control look and vibe she was giving off. But then in a different story it will credibly switch, like with the forced masturbation that he administers to her while she's restrained and with her own panties in her mouth. (There was a hilarious end to such a scene when he removed the panties from her mouth to allow her to say bye to her audience, before stuffing it back in her mouth).  
Another show opened with the shot focusing on Lux's top half, where she stated that she will be relaxing in the best way possible before panning down to the heavenly sight of her sitting on her guys face. Quality snaps followed of her humping and grinding away on him, her full and round cheeks intermittently and rhythmically covering and uncovering his eyes and nose as she rode his face- shot at a great low angle.
The roles will reverse again when you see Lux being roughly prone boned, where she will often shoot with the camera facing her but have it also partly looking up to her partner's body banging into her (with booty cheeks rippling) and his hand holding her head down, forcing another orgasm but this time without the use of toys.
I think I remember she once talked about having a purely Domme account, can't recall her mentioning it again so I don't know if that's​ still a thing but I'm sure it would be super hot as she's totally convincing in that role, not only with her partner but also with other models.

Speaking of other models, she lives in Vegas a place which attracts a plethora of adult models and even more travel there for conventions, award ceremonies and things like that and Lux often takes advantage of that and uses those times to film content with other models and often shares behind the scenes of those moments. She will also snap original live stories with models, specifically for her premium members. Again she will switch roles or just have a 'normal' but sexy asf make-out and sex session. I've seen her with models that I recognise like Twothorned Rose and she's put me on to others I wasn't aware of.

One of the aspects I enjoy the most about her premium is the range of her public play. It has been from stepping outside into her front garden nude to getting of on a plane.
There's two that I really really stood out to me-
The first one was in some kind of department store, which isn't really a new concept but the way she filmed it and how bold she was made it a great watch. She opened up with a shot of a security camera hanging from the ceiling, before rotating the camera to show her lifting up her dress (with no panties) to essentially flash the camera and whilst bent over you see the bright pink butt plug nestled in-between. Later she zoomed into those corner mirrors that shops have to monitor blind-spots, she zoomed into it enough that we could clearly see her and what looked like another person in the opposite isle. If said person had looked up at the mirror I'm sure they would have seen Lux lifting up her dress and flashing her kitty. After some under-ass shots of her walking through the isles, she told us that she was sure that an employee had spotted her and was going to finish somewhere more private. The next snaps showed Lux in a changing room, where she complete disrobed and began to get her self off. She used the multiple wall mirrors in the changing to show off her gorgeous figure and to create different angles to watch her getting off as quietly as she could. 
The second public show might not necessarily be even classed as such, in the traditional sense, but the thought behind it was equally as great to me and evokes a similar reaction. She started off by telling us she wanted to show us her nude photos that was hung on her fridge. All the pictures were very sexy and graphic, featuring the gorgeous Lux in various positions and with different women and a picture of her and another lady about to start blowing a guy. (The way she was filming the photos reminded me of the Through The Wire music video) As she was showing all the pictures she told us that the maintenance guy was going to be paying her a visit and implied that he would definitely see them. She didn't show the visit but it definitely had my mind racing, imagining the potentially hot scenario.
Other public play from her has seen her playing with herself in her car, parked on the side of a road. She was waiting for road side assistance after engine problems or overheating and was self pleasuring with the backdrop of a busy road filled with motorists passing.

Lux posts pretty often, at the very least 5 days a week. She starts of every story with the very seductive and personal, "Hello Premium," that has now become a trigger that gets you ready. All her snaps are shot 'live' and I haven't seen her replay older snaps yet. Her premium is 99.9% porn and there are no advertisements or rules posted in the stories. Her interesting day to day stuff is shown on her public account as well as some previews/promo too. Lux always replies to comments and questions and is interactive with her members.  
She has a genuine love of sex and sex work, which you can tell from the variety of models she works with, the creativity she brings to shows and her general sexual fluidity. As well as the videos she sells, she also has a bunch of videos uploaded to Pornhub so check them out. 

(Jun '17)

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