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🇺🇸Mrs Mask🇺🇸
(Free account: maskedcoupl3x3)

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  • Gorgeous. 
  • Really into sex. 
  • Great ass,
  • Hot body. 
  • Good communication. 
  • Interactive/Funny/Personality. 


💰Payment type:💰 
One off payment. 

🔞 18+ features on her show:
  • Solo play, with or without toys. 
  • Play with her partner. 
  • Anal play 
  • Nude twerking. 
  • Hot bath snaps. 
  • Public nudity.

📷Screenshots/video msg saving:📹
Permitted ✅

I should start off by saying Mrs Mask doesn’t wear a mask (I guess unless it’s involving something freaky), so you don’t have to worry about her concealing her face for her shows. She doesn’t show it on her public account, but trust me she is gorgeous, so don’t worry about that either.
She does show a lot of hot previews on her public account though, her tits, ass and xxx snaps of what she’ll be doing to her partner on premium.
I must have added their account from another account that gave them a shout out- I didn’t add the account from the usual takeover type scenario, so I didn’t necessarily initially assume she was selling a premium account. Every so often they would post something hot and I assumed they were one of the couples on snap that just post because they’re exhibitionists and get off solely on people watching. That might have been the case at first but, semi recently I started seeing more similarly sexy posts but now promoting their premium.

It was early morning and I was still in bed and still fully tumescent 🍆 when I saw her snaps. She was showcasing some ridiculously hot twerking in her bath, with Mr Mask expertly capturing the footage. Being in a hot mood, that done it for me and I went ahead and enquired about her premium. She was sweet and polite during the whole interaction and gave me access to the xxx account immediately. 
The story was packed with sexy snaps. That whole bath twerking snippet that I saw on her public account, I got to enjoy in full. But that was all after she had done a hot solo show, with a purple rabbit, type dildo, coupled with sexy talking (she’s good at sexy talking too, not over the top)- more twerking on and around her bed- then it was the bath and twerking combo that I keep mentioning. Each segment lasting a considerable length of time. 

Mrs Mask’s ass… is heavenly. When you add her public account, you’ll see it in her snap code. Its glorious, especially when bending over in that bath tub with the water on her sexy ebony skin, highlighting her sexy round ass. Her twerking is on an expert level, every movement and ripple so hot to watch. 

Her play with Mr Mask is equally hot. Some of you already know I’m big on asses but also big on BJ’s and the underused and unappreciated handjob. All of these she does well, but I’ll shine light on the latter. Her handjobs are expertly delivered, two handed masterstrokes. She uses it as part of the sex session not just as an afterthought or just when he’s about to nut. She alternates from two handed stroking and then keeps one hand firmly at the base while she strokes with the other- all the while softly saying something sexy and keeping his hardness fully lubricated with her saliva. All shot by her guy, from a good POV angle. 

After all the sex stuff they visited a sex shop viewing stuff that she liked and wanted to buy. At one point she asked the lady that worked there about something, that was completely foreign to me and told hubby about another shop they should check out; Proving she is truly about sex, a natural freak, and would be down to do most things for her members- though certain things may require an extra tip. She also keeps her members informed of upcoming stuff she plans on doing.

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