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  • Hot body.
  • Intimate couple shows.
  • Great communication.
  • Take requests.
  • Interactive.

  • None

💰Payment type:💰 
  • One off payment

🔞 18+ features on her show:
  • Solo play, with or without toys.
  • Varied couple play, with our without toys.
  • Occasional public play.

📷Screenshots/video msg saving:📹
Permitted ✅

I've been a fan of the Mommies Secrets couple for about a year now. Similar to Peter Grandee, they were a couple who I think at first were putting on hot shows seemingly just for the thrill of it, but then created a site where us lucky viewers could tip for a job well done, to contribute to a particular goal or to request certain things on their story. They later created a premium account. 

There was a period of time that I didn't see them on their public account for a while, or they would make very welcome momentary returns- probably due to them being a couple with young kids, but since about a month ago they've been on very regularly.  
When complimenting one of their recent posts on their public account, they kindly added me to their premium account, due to the past contributions and tips I had given. I think things like that are super cool. Sometimes having a lot of followers can mean they're a blur and indistinguishable from the next, so cool gestures like that are appreciated. 

Their premium is a hot continuation of what I've seen on their public account. Their shows are always well filmed, intimate, erotic and of a great length. You don't see their faces but it doesn't feel like you're missing anything, because their expressive in all other aspects- from their movement to the sounds of moaning.  
'Mommie' giving head is a beautiful thing to watch. She seems to have the most delicate of touches, her lips softly gliding down while her hand lightly grips and twist-strokes the rest of the shaft, with her other hand always cupping his balls.
She's also super sexy when riding and like the BJ scenes (and all shots in the story) it's expertly filmed by 'Daddy'. Great point of view shots of her in reverse cowgirl, her sexy cheeks very expressive as they clench on him and her general posture when doing it is super hot. He will also film wide moving shots, sort of making it look like there's a 3rd person in the room filming or that you're the voyeur watching.

My personal favourite, as always, is the doggystyle snaps. The views and sounds are such a turn on.  
The views = Mommies sexy body on all fours while her guy goes to town. Her gorgeous body rocking with every pump. Most of the time, the doggy snaps are high paced and energetic, with more great POV shots of her sexy cheeks rippling as he goes to town. She will also take control and back up on him, in effect, fucking him with the same intensity that he does.
The sounds = the sound of pounding and Mommies sexy moans (not exaggerated or over the top), all adds to the hot story.
Like I briefly touched on, their dynamic seems to focus more on intimate shows. There's often always a slow and steady build up, from mutual masturbation ( sometimes with their legs intertwined) and mutual oral. with the occasional little joking and teasing- cute stuff that normal couples. Often culminating in big loads
I remember on their public account they also had moments of public sex which was also really hot.

I think she's lost some weight from her derrière since the last time I saw her, so for the big butt lovers it's not as big but she's still just as sexy. A great premium to get if you're into real life sexy couples and/or hot milfs. 

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