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🇺🇸Naughty Alysha🇺🇸
(Free account: naughtyalysha)


  • Professional indie porn star.  
  • Stunning. 
  • Gorgeous figure. 
  • True exhibitionist. 
  • MILF.  
  • Provides occasional free live calls through premium snapchat.  
  • Good communication. 
  • Has a personality/interactive. 
  • That smile.  


💰Payment type: 💰
Subscription option.

🔞 18+ features on her show:
  • Solo play, with or without toys. 
  • Anal play 
  • Huge & Foreign insertion.  
  • Public nudity/flashing.  
  • Group BJ's and/or sex sessions with fans. 
  • Nude selfies.  

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Permitted ✅


Alysha is one of my all time favourite adult performers. She's been doing this for more than 15 years but I first discovered her in the early/middle part of the 2000's, during my broke high school/college years via file sharing. She was part of the trio of elite 'amateur' goddesses who I loved to watch. They were Alysha, Wifey (from Wifey's World) and Heather (from ideepthroat). As much as I loved Wifey and Heather, Alysha had her own niche because of her super exhibitionist tendencies and willingness to play outside of the marriage, all encouraged and expertly filmed by her husband, Adam. The gloryhole sessions in particular were so incredible, and cemented my love for her and the love she had for anything public. When she took a trip to New Orleans and participated in the customary flashing, during the Mardi Gras, her boobs stayed out way longer than the average lady there. She wasn't overly concerned with getting beads, instead she allowed random guys to grab and motorboat them- her gorgeous face smiling with every grope. Like I said, the thing that I loved the most was her gloryhole exploits. I was actually introduced to the world of gloryholes through her many trips to the sex shops and cinemas that facilitated it. She effortlessly got guys off and very few can look as beautiful as she does while doing it- her eagerness and desire to get random guys off can't be faked, and her delight at seeing and complimenting an above average cock is always hot too watch.

Fast forward to now, I'm a happy member of her site and she's still going strong, with lots of new sexual encounters and sexy happenings that as well as being shot for the site, will now also be documented via her premium snapchat.  

I was lucky that on my first day on her snapchat it was Adam's Birthday, so I got to see some snaps of the public naughtiness that she got up to with her partner in crime, Jenny Jizz. They are the perfect double act and do a lot of things together, ranging from blowing both random guys and fans, to going down on each other and doing some reciprocated fisting. I love their natural unforced chemistry.  
As I mentioned before, Alysha is a real exhibitionist and will often take viewers with her on her everyday happenings such as going clothes shopping or getting a tan. In both cases nudity will be an inevitable consequence and Alysha happily shares those moments of nakedness... In one instance, she upped the ante by inserting a butt plug and vibrator while in the changing room and walking out with it still inserted and vibrating. She's also one of, if not, the reigning Queen of foreign insertion, she has a vast selection of dildos and sex toys and among that you'll find wine bottles, mini basketballs and anything else that she can insert.

Alysha is a natural conversationalist, she doesn't just post a series of nudes and sexy stuff. She's interactive and super engaging, a natural in speaking in front of the camera. She always starts off a show explaining where she's at, what she's doing and what naughtiness she's planning to do later. And her public snap sometimes acts as a nice build up to the main event on the premium snap.  
It's because of her natural likeability that one of the best things about Alysha being on snapchat is you get to personally talk to her. She's always communicated with fans and supporters through her website's group live camming feature and on her social media but with snapchat, it's more personal and intimate- (which is one of the benefits of adult snapchat I mentioned in one of my first posts explaining the site.)

Alysha posts pretty much every day and on days she can't post due to prior commitments, she'll always pop on cam to tell us, usually with her massive boobs out on display. Her stories are varied with the longer shows generally being when she performs solo, with her assortment of toys. 
A great premium snapchat for Alysha fans, the fact that you to get to personally play and interact with her, alone, is worth signing up- not to mention the sexy snap stories. For the very few who may be unfamiliar with her, if you're a fan of gorgeous blondes. who have serious exhibitionist tendencies and are into extreme penetration, who are genuine sports fans that you can have a conversation with (crazy supporter of The Bolts; favourite basketball player of all time is Dennis Rodrman). and who is great with her fans and supporters, then this will be a great introduction to her.

(Nov '16)

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