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  • Gorgeous. 
  • Sexy figure. 
  • Engaging. 
  • Good communication. 



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Subscription and lifetime option.

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  • Playing solo, with or without toys. 
  • Squirting. 
  • Anal. 
  • Oral fixation. 
  • Pussy/Nipple pumping. 
  • Nude selfies. 
  • Pissing

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Padma is kinda unique as a snap performer.
I caught the ending of her takeover and added her to my public account. A few days later I took a look through her videos on manyvids to see the type of things I could expect to see on her snap and I found that she makes a lot of content that would be considered to be on the extreme side. Fisting, intense anal play, prolapsing etc. Aside from her being gorgeous and having a sexy butt, my brief browse didn't really pique my interest because that style of porn had never held my attention. She had a link to her site on there and after I went on her site and found out more about her, I decided to get her premium.

I mentioned that Padma is sort of unique and I say that not just because of the kind of content she provides on snapchat but because of the way she showcases the content. I've always loved things that are done in an understated way and without attention drawn to it. I never really saw her overly promote the fact that she does 'extreme' porn on her public account- yes she will sometimes state the kind of things she does but not publicise it as something that's risqué or out of the norm. More importantly it shows when watching her on her premium account, she portrays it as just another facet of sexuality; just a particular thing that she gets enjoyment from. She's kind of making me look at this genre of porn a bit differently, in that I was quick to dismiss it as being nasty and not really sexy or beautiful, probably because I'd seen bad examples or because of the exaggerated nature that it's sold, in the ways I touched on above - some of Sasha Grey's work probably being the only exception because it was on the borderline (plus Sasha had a nice ass and was a good performer) but I can say I'm interested in slowly looking into this style of porn a bit more... starting with Padma's vids. 

Padma is beautiful, it was her eyes that initially got me to follow her. Her public account has a lot of snaps where her face is front and centre or her eyes are staring at you, causing you to completely miss whatever info was simultaneously written on the screen. She probably gets complimented on that a lot as she's even got a video on the site for eye and face fetishists.  
She has the perfect face for BJ's, and so I was happy when on the first day of being a member, she had a show which included her sucking on a dildo... of course the dildo wasn't of regular thickness though (I think it's one of those Rambone dildos) but she managed to wrap her gorgeous, plump lips around it while looking up at the camera. Few snaps later she was bent over with her sexy bum facing the camera- she started spreading her ample cheeks and applying lube. A pink dildo emerged... again not a regular sized dildo, especially one you'd generally expect for anal play, it was of a good thickness and quite lengthy. Fast forward a few snaps and she was riding it effortlessly, her cheeks looked incredibly hot in the process and so too hearing the sounds it generated. There was no playing up to the camera, i.e showing how much she was taking in etc, just a few hushed moans showing her enjoyment and a few subtle glances back to the camera.

There are times when she will post 'regular' hot content, stuff you'd see on most premium accounts- solo masturbation with her hitachi or fingers, sexy poses and mirror shots etc. She once did a story just where she was lying flat on her stomach on her bed, in just a top and panties. Her beautiful face in the foreground and her barely panty covered booty and feet, sexily wiggling in the background. This then proceeded to erotic snaps of her sensually licking her lips and showing general oral fixation type of content. She would open up her mouth and stick her tongue out, inviting you to imagine the pleasure you'd derive if that mouth was on you. Nothing was said during these series of snaps- it was all conveyed through her eyes and mouth/facial expressions. This went on a for a few snaps, and I was happy that it did because it was super arousing. 

99.9% of my favourite snap accounts the model performs with a partner on at least a semi-regular basis, which is something that Padma doesn't currently do but I hope to see that in the future because I am genuinely curious to see how she'll interact with someone else. But it's not something that she necessarily needs because as a solo snapper she is great, in all the ways I mentioned above. 

(Oct '16)

**Update** (Apr '17)
Padma surprised us recently with an impromptu uploading of a blowjob. It wasn't another of the world class dildo assisted BJ shows she sometimes performs but instead it was on a very lucky guy. If you've seen Padma's BJ's on dildos, you would know of the skill that she has, I even briefly commented on it in my original review. She has the perfect face for it, and it was rightfully shot from his point of view, looking down unto her stunning eyes which would occasionally look back up to you. Throughout, Padma had this super cute and submissive demeanour while still giving off a supreme confidence that I attribute to her incredibly BJ skills. There's very few that come across as having such an affinity and look so comfortable giving head as Padma does. It was a textbook BJ, the exact type that I love. Not overly wet but enough to generate the super sexy sounds that came from her vacuum like sucking. Her hands would alternate from pumping to just having her fingertips on it, guiding it further in her mouth. There wasn't any extra stuff- no spitting or gagging etc, which in Padma's case could be considered weird, because watching some of her other content you could expect that her BJ's would be on a similarly 'extreme' level with the things that come with those type of BJ's- forced throat fucking, copious amounts saliva etc. (But from having bought some videos and spent more time on her premium, you do see that she doesn't just perform on the extreme side but has varied content, not all 'normal' or vanilla stuff but not always extreme either) To further illustrate how great she was, on more than a couple of occasions her partner had to quickly pull out or push her head away, to prevent him blowing too soon- before eventually succumbing to the inevitable and emptying his load in her closed mouth, while she pumped every drop out. 

It was great to see Padma with someone else and showed that she is a consummate performer. Can't wait for the next surprise story.

**Update** (May '17)
Padma hit us with another surprise but not in the way the you would probably expect, after the last update. She posted an announcement about wanting to stop her premium service and also her adult content making, in its current form, because she was at a stage where she felt compelled to do it solely for financial reasons and without any of the enjoyment that she initially had in the beginning. To be honest I suspected this would happen from the time she deleted her public account, shared her musical aspirations with us and was generally posting less XXX stuff. Coming to think of it, that long awaited BJ scene was almost like a final hurrah for her premium viewers. I have to stress that she's explained she's not at all ashamed of the content and shows she's put out but doesn't want to be almost forced to make it it, just for the sake of money- she explains everything in greater detail here. Good luck Padma! I'll still be following you (love your youtube blog) and getting your book when you reach your gofundme goal. 

**Update** (June '17)
Padma is apparently back doing premium. She's currently had 3 days of premium content back to back, and its arguably been some of the hottest stuff and lengthiest stories I've seen from her since I joined. I feel that she's in a better place and this has manifested in the stream of great content recently. She always said that she wasn't adverse to doing porn but just wasn't feeling it at the time, for reasons I mentioned before- so I'm not surprised she's back but I didn't expect her return to be quite so soon, but I'm not complaining. She treated us again to another story involving her partner Billy where among some doggystyle snaps, we were also gifted a second BJ which also featured more of the 'extreme' that Padma is known for, with him face fucking her too. 
Padma's Rambone dildo also made an appearance. 

I don't know if this a welcome back or just an occasional occurrence when the she's feeling inclined to share but I'm happy for the return no matter how brief.

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