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  • Great figure/body. 
  • Incredible ass. 
  • V. Pretty. 
  • Good communication and responses. 


💰Payment type:💰 
One off payment.

🔞 18+ features on her show:
  • Nude snaps. 
  • Solo play. 
  • Ass shaking/twerking.

📷Screenshots/video msg saving:📹
Permitted ✅
(But not when her face is on screen.

Persephone a.k.a FxtureWars a.k.a DontSlutShame a.k.a DaddysLittleGirl is a lady I’ve been following for about a year or just under.

She caught my attention during a period of her doing a bunch of takeovers where her stupendous ass was the focal point of the takeover. - around that time she wasn’t really showing her face too much, maybe because she was kinda new and being cautious, but I didn’t really mind because the varied views of her butt and mirror selfies were good enough. 
I didn’t get Persephone’s premium during that time but instead followed her on Twitter and got a few of her videos. During a time when she was doing a deal to get snapchat with some new vids, I went ahead and got it. Shortly after, she had to stop her snapchat and created a private Twitter account for her followers where she posted some pics.

Fast forward to now and Dontslutshame’s got her premium started up again and she’s back to posting. She posts something most days, she has stated that she doesn’t work weekends on some of her social media, but sometimes she’ll still post on snap on the weekends. Her posts mainly consist of her showing of her cute body, sprawled out seductively on her bed, with shots of her pretty kitty- also some solo play. 
My favourite is her sexy ass shaking and twerking especially when she puts it in slow motion, so you can see every ripple, wiggle and clap of those plentiful cheeks. Her bum defies logic, especially considering her being quite petite and slim in nature. Check her tumblr for pics and see her tumblr banner!! 
Fxturewars also responds to everything you say or query and is always as sweet as she is gorgeous.

On a side note, “Dontslutshame” is probably the most unique/funny/serious/ironic account name for a model, of all time.

**Update (Mar '17)**
Persephone's premium has had periods of content being up pretty much daily and then periods of absence- due to college or illness. When she's on, the content is great- similar to what I discussed before but she's injected a bit more of her personality and confidence into the stories too, shown by things like occasionally speaking to us with her face on cam and injecting her sense of humour by showing the funny bloopers from the videos she creates for her manyvids- with her background commentary and giggling included..

But as ever her bum continues to amaze and arouse me in equal measure. It's still mind boggling how bootiful it is considering her size... and its unquestionably real too, proved by the beautiful and natural way it reacts to her movement or touch. It's a delight when she shows closeups, while standing up,  of her grabbing chunks of cheek and letting it go or simply just shaking it and spanking it. I think she studies photography so she really understands good lighting and knows the best angles to really show off the magnitude of her ass

Recently she brought up the possibility of shows with her boyfriend, something she never got to do before (either on snapchat or in her video content) and something that I'd been dying to see from her.. I think they recently got back together and she quickly teased us with a few pics of him grabbing her ass and then a couple of days later she posted a mini show of them which had a couple video snaps of penetration, from her view point of view, and a series of picture snaps- one of her holding his member and then a few of her sucking/licking him from her point of view. After that excitement she wrote a message on screen saying that he would be moving in with her around April.... I cant wait to see what she records...

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Her Free Snapchat: dontslutshameu
Her Twitter: @dontslutshame
Her tumblr: @fxturewars

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