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🇺🇸Peter Grandee🇺🇸
(Free account: fivestarbaddies)



  • Shows with different women.  
  • Voyeur type snaps at sex clubs. 


💰Payment type: 💰
One off payment.

🔞 18+ features on his show:
  • Play with various women.
  • Clips of him at orgies/ adult nudist events
  • Previews of videos on his site

📷Screenshots/video msg saving:📹
Permitted ✅

I first saw Peter in the early days of me getting into this adult snapchat world. I was adding every account I came across that was about doing the nasty. I mentioned before that there were quite a few accounts where exhibitionist couples, or solos, used to perform for just the thrill of being watched and knowing that they were getting people off. It was on one of those accounts where I saw a shoutout for Peter and Camilla. 

Their account was hot, they put on shows almost everyday, Camilla was sexy as hell, gorgeous with a stupidly righteous body and booty, plus their everyday life snaps were cool too.  
As more couples and ladies started selling premium accounts, they too started to move in that direction and slowly the free shows ceased. But just before that, they were offering their xxx videos for purchase and I showed support for all the hot stuff they had been showing for free, by getting a bunch of flicks, but I didn't get their premium. They also set up a website during this time.

I think a couple of their public accounts got deleted or something and I subsequently stopped seeing them on my timeline for a while. Fast forward to now, and about a couple of months ago I had started seeing 'Peter Grandee's Takeover' shouted out on different accounts. I followed it and seeing no Camilla, I'd figured they've broken up, which was later confirmed to me by Peter when I asked him. (Camilla's personal public account is inactive.)

Anyway, I saw some snippets of his premium on his public account, now a takeover account and decided to get his premium. On it, he has shows with different women, doing all the usual sex acts you'd expect. He's also a DJ and often spins at an adult nudist place, so he'll show voyeuristic style snaps of the nude couples dancing, some of the women swinging on a pole or some of the couples fucking- all from a distance behind his DJ booth.  
The ladies he gets with always have big sexy asses, making for epic POV doggystyle snaps. 🍑. Since the early days, he's been great at filming his sex snaps, always provides great camera movement and angles of the various positions and sex acts. Some of the ladies will wear masks or Peter won't film their face, but it doesn't take anything away from the story; you'll still see everything else and hear the moans and the high paced sounds of skin knocking skin.

On his account, you'll also see the occasional brief snaps of him solo in the shower nude, I guess catering to his female fan base and possible gay followers too. but because he hasn't got a regular partner and doesn't always DJ at the nudist place, the shows are more solo play..

**Update (Nov '16)**
Peter's takeover account/public snap got hacked, his new one has been posted below. His premium shows have become more regular, posting pretty much daily- mainly solo play but also some hot throwback footage of ladies he's been with.

**Update (May '17)**
I don't think Peter advertises a premium anymore, but he still occasionally posts stuff on there, mainly the solo stuff that I talked about before and also clips/snippets from the videos on his website.

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His Free Snapchat: fivestarbaddies
His Twitter: @djmickmac
His adult website:

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