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  • MILF. 
  • Sexy figure.  
  • Big booty and boobs combo.  
  • Very attractive. 
  • Interactive. 
  • Personality.
  • Great communication.
  • Actively takes requests.  


💰Payment type: 💰
One off payment.

🔞 18+ features on her show:
  • Playing solo, with or without toys.  
  • Shower/bath shows.  
  • Nude twerking. 
  • Lactating/Milk play. 
  • Stripping. 
  • Public flashing. 
  • Occasional Foot play/leg play 
  • Occasional Jerk Off Encouragement/Dirty talk.
  • Explicit takeovers from other models.

📷Screenshots/video msg saving:📹
Permitted ✅

It was one of those days when I just had ass on the mind, and while idly browsing snapchat and coming to the end of some story, it switched to a takeover account where I was confronted by booty... Ms PirateBooty's booty. It was a full screen delight of ass that was trapped in tight short-shorts. I loved the wiggling and occasional butt smacks or when when she held the camera behind her and made it follow her as she walked with her cheeks move rhythmically. I didn't catch it from the beginning but eagerly waited for her public info to appear so I could add her. I quickly checked out another takeover she had advertised on there, all had a similarly sexy theme but included more boob play (it must have been a takeover account dedicated to ass, that I first saw her on) and I think I got her premium later that same day. 

When I was added there was some content on there, mostly boob play. For those heavy into all things boobs, you'll definitely like her content for two reasons. 1) Due to her semi-recently having had a child and still pumping, her boobs lactate, making them even bigger, 2) and because of this she does a lot of milk play- e.g. purposely making them leak through her clothes, milk squirting, licking et al.  
I guess a lot of people who joined her premium did so because of a love of knockers or a lactation fetish and so there was a lot more of that kind of content when I joined, plus boobs are easier to access quicker; (every car ride, she has them out) there has to be a bit more of a set up to take a good ass shot. But as time has gone on, I've seen more variety of snaps. Obviously as a lover of ass, a personal highlight is anytime her sexy butt is the main focus for a good period of time (she's blessed with being stacked on the top and bottom) and I love her shower shows too. Kathryn's body is gorgeous, if she hadn't brought up her having had a baby, I wouldn't have guessed- absolutely love her figure, curves in all the right places which is only further highlighted by the soapy water clinging to and dripping down her sexy body. These shower/bath stories usually start with snaps of her removing her clothes with great shots of her peeling her sexy booty out of her pants and proceeding to sexily shake, smack and jiggle her ample cheeks before starting the shower segment. I always love the fixed camera angle she chooses when she does this and the fixed camera angle she uses in the shower is equally as good; as well as the handheld stuff she does in the bath whilst playing with herself.  

She's interactive, always keeping her members involved and up to date with what's happening or what she has planned. She's recently had a few problems involving flooding and back pain and always apologises for not posting enough but since I've been on, that hasn't really been an issue. During the flooding, whenever she had a spare moment she posted and recently she used her back pain as a way of producing a super hot bath show, using the hot water as a way of soothing her pain but also titillating her viewers, in all the ways I previously explained. She posts pretty much every day and when she makes full shows, they are of a very good length. 
She's also good with responses to questions in the DM's, but I'm sure it's because membership has increased and general demands of being a mother, personal replies have decreased- but she always says a thank you on the story, for the compliments from followers.

On a sort of side note, for those who are into breast milk, with the semi recently purchase of a breast pump, she'll now ship it to you for a price.  

(Sep '16) 

**Update Nov '16'** 
Ever since I've joined,PirateBooty's premium has remained in my top 3 premiums, of those that I always click on when she's on my timeline- this has been recently made easier with snapchat's recent update allowing you to create a playlist of your favourite stories. 

I'm continuinaly impressed by how much she posts considering she has a child, when there are those with less responsibilities (not includiing those with other jobs, other adult work or studying) who post way less. The amount of content she posts is obviously a positive but it's the fact that its of a great quality. It's refreshing to see that she really takes pride in the work she puts out, every angle or place she positions the camera, every nude selfie pose or story scenario has been thought out and taken into considersion. I also love the fact that I can't remember her ever using the memories feature for 'live' shows. I'm not knocking using that feature, it definitely serves its purpose, especially when performing solo shows as it can get tricky or annoying to continually pause mid play to post individual snaps to the story... but that's one of the little quirks I liked about this particular avenue of watching adult content and I'm glad she continues the old style of doing it. Again, it's not a knock on those that do. I like that feature, certain things can be better watched interupted, voyeuristic type stories especially and for showing off the greatest hits. 

Everything I complimented her about before is still the same now. She has an incredible figure, that she expertly shows off. All my favourite snap models have stellar shower/bath shows and Pirate's is definitely one of the best. Of course, for me, any type of show (shower, dildo riding, stripping, ass shaking/twerking) where her booty is the focus, I'm in heaven. She's becoming an expert in lactation play, at least in the art of squeezing long jet sreams of milk directly at the camera and also in sucking it out directly from the source and letting it dribble over her boob. It's also boner inducing when she will interupt a show to look at the camera and say something encouraging you to beat off harder, or sexily letting you know that she knows that you want to smash. She also has a day designated for requests sent in via email, and with all my favourite models, I never feel the need to request because the stories are always exactly what I'm already hoping to see. Communication via the DM's has never been better, her resposes aren't just some generic replies but are generally specific to what you've said or complimented her on. 

Great premium, a must have. 

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