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(Free account: rachsugarxx)

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  • Gorgeous.
  • Big boobs.
  • Good communication.
  • Interactive.
  • Majority snaps with partner 


💰Payment type: 💰
One off payment.

🔞 18+ features on her show:
  • Occasional solo play.  
  • Play with her partner.
  • Occassional shower snaps.

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Rach is another sexy British lass, (Other Brits on the blog: Juicy Lucy, Emma Charlotte, Lola Grace) from Yorkshire, that I followed after a sexy Q&A style takeover, she did a while ago.  I got her premium not too long after… and then not too long after that, she left snapchat for a while.

Her shows were pretty regular and pretty hot - she once did a mini show with another snap and XPP model, Bitterscotch (who’s no longer on snapchat) - but now back from her hiatus, her shows are back to they’re usual sexiness and regularity. Her stories are not jam packed like some of the other ladies, but is definitely hot enough to get you off (with a few repeat viewings of the story) and make you want to see more of her sexy antics on her next snap show or her xxx website. 
Her shows mainly involve play with her partner- some sex but mainly BJ’s, which is great because it's one of the things I love to watch and it's where she shines- her pretty eyes glancing at the camera, and sexy hushed moans are such a turn on to watch as she sucks. There’s always good shots of Rach going down on him and most times they catch the money shot, which has been on her face, boobs and ass/back.

If you’re a boob lover, with a thing for pretty UK blondes, then you will want to check her out. 

(Apr '16) 

**Update May '17'** 
There's something about Rach that has kept her as one of my personal go to's on snapchat. She was one of the original or first snap models that I came across and one of my earliest premium purchases. For the past few months she's been on the snap much more regularly and is probably one of the few who pretty much exclusively does shows only with partner and shows the xxx stuff that I love to see most of all. I already mentioned her sexy BJ's previously but I also love when she has a few of the snaps in the sexy story dedicated to her just stroking her partner off.

I love everything about the way she does it,  sometimes one handed only really moving the wrist (think the wanker gesture), sometimes it's the strong pneumatic up and down strokes covering the entire length of the shaft and sometimes it's the two-handed long strokes. Whatever way she chooses its always accompanied by her uniquely sexy and concentrated facial expressions that show a genuine love of what she's doing. I also love the sexy things she will say with her sexy accent and the fact her nails are always done up- that kinda shows me that she likes doing it too.
The angles she chooses is another aspect I like and I also think shows the level of genuine love she has for the underrated HJ. She gets her fella to film great shots from his point of view, which is obviously great because it figuratively puts you in his position of metaphorically receiving a world class stroke job from her- but also serves as a way of seeing all her sexy expressions that I talked about. All the other views have been from her point of view but in different positions, some where she will be to the side of him, other times the direct opposite of his point of view- with Rach on the floor, looking up to a view of her hand clasped around him, giving meaningful hard strokes while occasionally looking further up to glimpses of his contented face.

Rach's just as gorgeous as she was when I first saw her and all of her various hair changes have suited her, be it dark, blonde or red. She's still maintained her thick physicality, with her ample boobs and butt and they are still the recipients of the occasional loads sprayed on them by her guy. She often mixes up live snaps with past stories from Memories, but as I've been on there a while it's always great when she has entirely new stories (although I do sometimes come across snaps I may have previously missed)

She has also become much more interactive, every so often Rach will ask a question from her viewers, "what would you do to me in this position?" and other similar questions in that theme, usually followed the next day with a response to what members have said. Things like that give the feeling of her being a genuine lover of sex and naughtiness in general, even sometimes requesting cumshots or videos of her members beating off to her. You can find further proof of the love of her work and field outside of snap, her Twitter timeline is filled with retweets of the sexy clips/gifs that she thinks are hot as well as posting her own content, most being previews of the stuff that she does on her premium as well as all the content she sells on various adult platforms.
She's still pretty good at responding in the DM's, answering questions and responding to compliments..

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