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🇺🇸Riley Velvet🇺🇸
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  • Sexy.
  • Gorgeous.
  • Hot body.
  • Great communication.
  • Smart/fun/personality.
  • Pubes!


💰Payment type: 💰

🔞 18+ features on her show:
  • Playing solo, with or without toys.   
  • Shows with other models.
  • Regular anal play
  • Nude selfies.
  • Occasional rope play.
  • Some outdoor play.
  • Shower shows. 

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Permitted ✅

I only needed a couple of snaps into Riley’s takeover to decide I was going to buy her premium, regardless of the price- it was later just an added bonus, that the price was good too.
Riley is one of the few, that when her name pops up on my snap story timeline, I genuinely get excited and look forward to watching.
Everything about her masturbation sessions are hot, from her gentle sexy moans and facial expressions and her all telling eye contact. The poses she chooses to adopt equally add to it (heavenly views when she bends over with her godly booty) as well as that bush!… which I’m a big fan of. I sometimes feel like I’m the only younger guy that likes ladies with their pubes unharmed.
The fact she sometimes wears glasses is also sexy because it evokes thoughts of her as an authority figure like a sexy young librarian, doctor, teacher etc. 

She regularly travels to meet up with Julia Jay, her sexy partner in crime. Where they take part in an abundance of sexual activities on premium and for their webcam shows. Including boner causing ass shaking and various ass-tastic poses, mutual masturbation with a double headed dildo, nipple licking, sexy strap-on sucking and doggy sex. They genuinely seem to enjoy the time they spend together .

On her premium, Riley is also cool with guys to request things they want (never something that I need to do) and also wants her fans to show evidence of their enjoyment of her story. Definitely a premium account to get.  

(Apr '16) 

**Update Dec '17'** 
Riley has many 'firsts' for me. She was one of the first premiums that I got, and one of the first that I instantly purchased during a takeover. She was also the main model who convinced me that a cam model can co-exist seamlessly into the snap world and not necessarily bring those same rules into this newer/different outlet of adult entertainment. She is also the first that I've seen to never not have something on her story, on the days she's 'supposed' to post. Of the premiums I have, I think she still holds the record for the most amount of women I've seen on a snap story at one time (5/6+) all engaged in naughtiness. Riley was also the first that I saw to proudly sport a full on wild bush that encompassed all her nether regions, at a time when even having a little bit of pubes wasn't en-vogue- actually that was probably the main reason I was so speedy in getting her premium.

Getting her premium sometime in early 2016 has proven to be a great decision. Riley has posted boner causing stories continuously, even whilst on holiday and more impressively, no too long after having eye surgery- during the entire story she wore the protective dark shades, looking effortlessly bad-ass and sexy at the same time. 
Riley's patented simultaneous removal of panties while bending over is something that still gets a major reaction out of me- Riley bending over in general is just a beautiful thing to see. She knows where to place or hold the camera in every scenario- be it in the shower, where she will hold the camera close to her boobs and pan down turning it around her slim waist to watch the soap suds glide of her sexy ass cheeks. Or in her solo shows- whatever the position or particular orifice she'll be playing with she will ensure that her face will be shown during it at least 80% of the time. To me, it gets boring real quick when some models only show continued closeup snaps of a dildo going in and out repeatedly.
Having said that I would happily watch hours of snaps of closeups of her riding her dildo,  if the cam is positioned and focused on her rear. As she goes lower on the dildo her cheeks envelope the shaft- great views. on her back, she manages to find this really great closeup angle where she gets her face, boobs, and kitty all in the same shot, so as she's pleasuring herself you get to see her facial reactions and see how her body is responding (heavy breathing, boobs swaying/erect nipples etc). 

Similarly, when she's on all fours putting in an incredible anal show, dildo or riding her torso (with boobs attached), it's again another well shot snap story. Her ass is always shown in the best possible way and again most of the story her sexy face is visible. Absolutely love her looking back to the camera, sometimes with her bangs partly shielding her eyes and always with her cute mouth silently or inaudibly moaning. She has an incredible figure, best seen in doggystyle. In her many many girl girl shows, she's often been taken by the guest with a strap on. Julia, one of Riley's frequent guests, often does this and snaps great views of Riley's gorgeous torso- tiny waist leading on to her peachy bottom being pressed into Julia. 

Riley has always and still great in replying and is generally super personable and more than willing to converse. During one such convo she talked about attending a Munch, a term which I didn't know about at the time. For those that don't know, A BDSM munch is an informal social gathering for individuals interested in or a part of the BDSM scene (Ref: Kinkly). Riley is a switch so it's not as surprising as it would seem, she has videos catering to more of her Mistress type persona, which is not shown as much on snap- a little bit when she's interacting with other models like Sage. Mostly, she's cute and adorable while doing naughty stuff. Few put in as much effort in posting daily, she has made a lot of different stories and this has afforded her the luxury to post a lot of stories from the past. I often watch something from months ago that I haven't personally seen or a classic story that I don't have a problem seeing again.  

Ms Riley Velvet is still one of my favourites and one of my earlier premium purchases that is still going strong. 

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