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(Free account: TheRealSageXXX)

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  • Stunning.
  • Great communication.
  • Has a personality.
  • Plus size/BBW figure.
  • Oral enthusiast.
  • Fulfils requests (within reason).
  • Has pubes.


💰Payment type:💰 
One off payment or subscription option.

🔞 18+ features on her show:
  • Solo play, with or without toys.
  • Play with various guests.
  • Bath/shower shows.
  • Nude selfies.
  • Occasional sexy storytelling.
  • Occasional food related snaps. 

📷Screenshots/video msg saving:📹
Permitted ✅

I was in the process of watching a snapchat story of what I knew was going to be another sexy show from the adorable Riley Velvet, when I saw that she was joined by a guest. This was my first time seeing this guest but it was a lasting impression, this lady was Sage Sometimes, a very real embodiment of a BBW. Absolutely stunning, with the sexy features that would be associated with a plus size adult model, including a big belly and boobs that are always in her hands.
Their show was sexy to say the least but I was disappointed when at the end, Riley informed us that Sage didn't have an account as she wasn't too sure about the whole snapchat thing just yet.
It was about a month or two later when Riley told us that she had one and luckily this news coincided with payday, so after watching her on her free snapchat, I quickly went and got it. I was added quickly with a nice welcome message sent at around the same time.

Some of the 1st shows included a b/g BJ and also something akin to food porn, I'm not up on the correct terminology, or if it even has a term coined for it, but it was a series of snaps where she would eat meals with her gorgeous face being the focus on the screen- with occasional commentary mixed in. I've been aware of this kind of porn from seeing video titles on manyvids from other models but never on snapchat, and I always like being put on to something new especially if it becomes something that I kinda start to gravitate to. Sage's eating wasn't presented in an overtly sexy way but that's probably why I kinda took to it- that and she's beautiful and she was also making these cute contended sounds as she was eating. She doesn't really do this anymore but it will always be something I'd be happy to watch.  
The other show was a super sensual blowjob scene that included long moments of dick inhalation or deep throating. She does it pretty effortlessly especially when its not exceptionally thick but when it comes to length, it never seems to be an obstacle. She has stated in the past snaps that she even turns herself on watching her own BJ clips and you can see from her snaps that this is a skill she takes pride in and is very good at. Pretty much all have been shot from the guys POV and always feature her easily throating it down to the base, with her face practically pressing into the stomach of whichever lucky guy is the recipient, for an extended period of time before pulling away to get some air.  
She doesnt always film her meets but does tell us about certain encounters, with some great storytelling that will get you just as worked up, as if you had seen the footage. - Again the combination of just her sexy face on screen but this time coupled with just her story, was super hot. Sage is naturally super pretty btw, with or without makeup. One story that stood out was an encounter she had with a guy who liked to be dominated. There was snap after snap of her detailing the little things they were doing- she spoke of how every time she said "good boy" he would moan in a way that turned her on among other things. 

On the more physical aspects of Sage's solo shows, her dildo(s) are usually the main go to shows on her stories but can also feature just pics and video snaps of her showing of her body, either on her bed or bathtub/shower. The ones with her toys included are usually never a timid affair, in fact on at least two occasions, that I can recall, she slightly injured herself due to vigorously going at it. It was with a different dildo on each occasion- one, a black one and the other a more recently bought dragon dildo, which came with its own realistic and super sticky cum-cum-lube. When she uses the dildos to show off her oral expertise, the same fast/vigorous pace is displayed. With continual shots of her taking it to the back of the throat in multiple succession as well as all the sucking, licking and sexy eye contact. Fast paced doesn't mean the show is rushed or not of a good story length. The beginning is always a gradual build up. Even just the insertion of a butt plug can take 3/4 snaps before it's in its happy place. 
Sage is also not adverse to anal play, oftentimes having a butt plug in while playing with the dildos/vibrator.

Since I've joined, Riley and Sage have met up at least twice and because I now have both of their premiums I get two see 2 different perspectives of the same show. The best parts of their shows for me are seeing them kiss, especially when there's a combination of the soft petting and boob grabbing. Also love when Sage goes down on Riley, as she really gets into it. Sage also gets to spank Riley's sexy ass, before or after Riley has performed her always sexy anal plug insertion ritual. 
On another occasion, Sage had a story with a lady who's name escapes me but her ass will forever be imprinted on my mind. I'm sure this lady was a Domme because she had that demeanour and there were a succession of snaps involving her spanking Sage till her vast cheeks were red and welt-y. I said her butt will forever be imprinted on my mind because towards the end of the story, Sage filmed a snap of her friend bending over twerking then standing up straight to make her ass clap. The string on her skimpy gown was repeatedly falling between and getting lost in her clapping cheeks.

Sage is great with responses and replying to messages. Her snaps don't only have her talking sex talk but also general stuff about her day. She posts pretty much everyday, mixture of new stuff and re-runs of her greatest hits and any little requests that I've had she's done without an issue. Whenever she's sick or will be absent she always leaves notice. She has a newly made Manyvids page with videos that cater more in depth to to some of the fetishes I mentioned earlier as well as a preview of her premium snapchat. A Big Beautiful Woman with a great premium.

(Sep '17)

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Her Free Snapchat: therealsagexxx
Her Twitter: @sagesometimes
Her Manyvids: Sage Manyvids Page

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