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🇨🇦Sammy Shane🇨🇦
(👍👍 out of 3)

  • Natural beauty.
  • Sexy.
  • Replies to DM's.
  • Accepts pics and vids.


💰Payment type:💰
One off payment or subscription option.

🔞18+ features on her show:
  • Nude selfies/strip shows.
  • Some public flashing snaps.
  • Occasional bath/shower snaps.
  • Occasional snaps with her partner. 

📷Screenshots/video msg saving:📹
Permitted ✅

Sammy Shayne a.k.a Sammy Strips aka Canadian Sammy has been an all around content provider for a few years now, making naughty clips and movies, sexting and camming- i think exclusively using the Cam 4 platform. I first discovered her on an entertaining snapchat takeover a while ago, I think it was on a Manyvids account. I then watched her on a different snapchat takeover account that promotes a webcam site, I'm sure it was Cam 4.
I soon followed her on Twitter and Instagram and at the time, saw a post asking for someone to write a summary or blurb for some of the videos she has on her site. I volunteered and got to do a write-up on some of her content. While perusing her site I also saw that she was selling Snapchat, so I bought it.

I was added to a group Snap, that had a few past video snaps that Sammy had saved in the DM's herself as well as messages from when she replied to members who asked her something there. Not a big fan of group snaps for that reason as you can see all the members' usernames and also some excited members will occasionally post 'their excitement' in the messages where all the members can see, instead of directly to Sammy (Who, by the way, allows for members to send dick pics) 
But I'm guessing her premium was relatively new and she was still working out the kinks. Also during this time she was helping out a friend who was having some problems, as well as Sammy and her partner being in the process of moving herself. During all the upheaval, she didn't post as much but it was understandable, but she did gift her members a couple of full length videos of her and her partner, Patrick- which was a very cool thing to do.

Fast forward a couple months, to now, she is pretty much in the swing of things, posting premium content reguarly on a separate story, as opposed to in the DM's. As the name on one of her above aliases suggests, Sammy does indeed strip and is very good at it. Her premium shows are primarily focused on that. Prior to purchasing her premium, nothing was explicitly listed in terms of what she'll post, but I'm guessing that like other models from the camming world originally, most of the other 'raunchier' stuff is saved for that.  
When I was lucky enough to do the previously mentioned summaries on Sammy's videos, a favourite of mine was a striptease that she did accompanied by The Coasters' song, Down In Mexico. This is the same song that was famously used in Tarantino's Death Proof film were Vanessa Ferlito's character gave a lap dance to that track. So I've known Sammy to be very good at this.

Sammy is gorgeous with a slim/petite figure and cute butt to match. She knows how to move her sexy slim frame elegantly and seductively during her striptease shows, moving and angling her body in great ways and in various spots in her house. Her cute and sexy butt cheeks are pillowy soft and wiggle and jiggle at the slightest of touches or light spanks and she will often part her cheeks letting her members see everything up close too. She records all of the stripteases 'live' so there isn't any quality lost through Snapchat's compression of the video so you get to see a goddess work her magic full screen and get to see a new performance every time. She has a real sensuality and elegance during her routine, so even when she has to continually start the recording again, she does it effortlessly, somehow making it almost look like she's fitting it into the routine.  
She has this huge, uncurtained window which she makes great use of. The natural light pouring in helps illuminate her milky skin in conjunction with the added light in the room- but the best use of it is when the room light is turned off and Sammy performs her routine right in front of the window. By doing this she creates just a silhouette of her gorgeous figure moving to the music, only seeing the outlines of her bum and boobs as she stands to the side during the routine. Great views.
She shows everything off during the routines but will sometimes also focus on something specific. Like in a recent show, she showed off her feet- the soles of her feet specifically. Also her being a 420 advocate, Sammy works her smoking into the routine too, whether she's using a bong or just smoking a J. The shows are of a good length, ranging from 10-15 minutes, the rest of the story will usually have nude selfies- out the bath/shower or waking up in the nude.

Sammy responds to DM's but like I mentioned she also has a sexting service so she probably won't be overly sexual in her responses.  
These are one of those premiums that is a great thing to have if you're already familiar with her and her work and also want to communicate with her. Her premium is also one of those that works in great unison with her public account, as she will preview what she's up to there and will show and talk about some of the daily happenings, in her life.
If you're interested in the nakedness, Sammy's snap strip shows, won't leave you disappointed.

(Aug '18)

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Her Twitter: @sammystrips
Her Instagram: @thecanadiansammy

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