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  • Cute/pretty.
  • Hot figure.
  • Decent communication.
  • Custom video with wishlist purchase..
  • Occasional takeovers from other models. 

  • Too much filter use

💰Payment type:💰 
Subscription option.

🔞 18+ features on her show:
  • Solo play, with or without toys.
  • Play with her partner.
  • Bath/shower shows.
  • Nude selfies.
  • Nude ass shaking. 

📷Screenshots/video msg saving:📹
Not Permitted 🚫

After seeing the super cute Shay continually shake her ass on a bunch of takeovers, I inquired about her premium. After confirmation I was added quickly and she was sweet and personable throughout the process.
The first week of shows consisted of throwbacks of past shows she had saved on her memories feature because she was under the weather but I didn't mind because it was obviously all fresh to me and something was put up everyday.

Her shows are either solo ones or with her partner, with most being solo but also a good amount of shows with her partner. Her solo shows are a mixture of nude selfies and nude bong hits, masturbation, dildo blowies, ass shaking and shower shows, she also has a array of toys from dildos to butt plugs. With her boyfriend, shows have included all the usual xxx stuff you'd expect to see, BJ's with handjobs, sex etc and always shot with one of them in control of filming it handheld. So you're always in the thick of the action, like seeing doggystyle from his perspective or in missionary Shay will sometimes hold the camera above while her other arm is pulling him close as he's banging away, so her cute face is shown moaning in pleasure.

She occasionally has other models put on explicit takeovers and one story she did this. Her big bootied friend Brittany did her thing before Shay put on a show of her own, involving spanking and toy play both administered by her partner. For both parts of the show she was on the bed and for both parts he was in control of proceedings. She was spanked until she was red and would alternate from spanking to massaging and groping at her now rosy cheeks. He would only stop to part her cheeks and show us how wet she was getting. The show then progressed to her partner playing with her now soaked kitty with a dildo, rubbing it all along her lips before inserting it back in with rapid strokes.

Shay is pretty good with communication, generally responding to compliments and always answering questions. She is interactive in that oftentimes when she's going through a shark week she'll ask her members what they'd like to see and then she'll fulfil the request. A recent story featured just that- the request turned out to be a BJ on a dildo. It was a super long story, super sloppy and super sexy. It was a completely hands free blowy, with spit cascading of the dildo as she initially sucked on it slowly before picking up the pace a slew of snaps later. People into mouths or have an oral fixation type fetish would have loved it, as there was lots of closeups of her pink lips delicately wrapped around it, treating it like a real cock. The snaps where she focussed just on the head were super erotic, purposely making it slowly brush against her lips after licking all around it, letting it slide from outside her cheek into her mouth, as well as licking both sides of the shaft. Occasionally she would look at the camera that was situated to her side, as she sucked.
Physically, she's slim/thick with a great hip-waist ratio that is really apparent when she's taken video selfies of herself whilst sitting down- usually she's smoking a bowl or just caressing/playing with her boobs in the way she does. (She can also make her boobs clap together).

The overall vibe on her premium is pretty chill, there are no real rules apart from not wanting any screenshots where her face is in the frame, which is fair enough. I also assume it's probably the reason why she likes to use the snap filters a lot, it can't be for cosmetic reasons because she's naturally pretty but sometimes the filters can get in the way of or be distracting, for me, in certain activities on her story. She posts something pretty much everyday, new things or previous stories- sometimes a mixture of both in the same 24hr story.
Like most models, Shay has a wishlist or ways members can tip her for great work. Since I've been on she never really promotes or 'pressures' people into buying from the wishlist/tipping but does reward those who do with a custom video. If it was an item of clothes she'll model it in the video, just for you.

Shay has moments of not sex related stuff too, showing her pet dog, talking to us about anything on her mind like her studies or weed related stuff etc. Or playing with filters that are sort of game related, she's also keen on pulling cute funny faces... often topless. She often has cheap deals for her lifetime premium, so there's no reason not to add this Texan princess' premium account to your collection.

(Aug '17)

**Update Aug '17'** 
Shay has recently updated her rules, no longer allowing screenshots or saving of any kind due to content being stolen.

**Update Oct '17'** 
Her posts have recently been just a series of bong smoking, sometimes nude and sometimes not. I also think she spilt from her boyfriend so b/g shows are non existent.

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