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  • Very beautiful.
  • Incredible ass.
  • Great communication.
  • Cool personality.
  • Some cool behind the scenes footage. 


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One off payment or subscription option.

🔞 18+ features on her show:
  • Solo play, with or without toys.
  • Occasional play with her partner.
  • Some bath/shower shows.
  • Nude selfies.
  • Occasional explicit takeovers/model guests.
  • Behind the scenes on porn sets/modelling shoots

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Permitted ✅

Being that she's a 420 advocate, I'm sure that it was on Bosstanation's former snap account where I first saw Smartykat. A beautiful leggy blonde, who models, cams and is a photographer. Around the time I first saw her, I don't remember premium snapchats being as much of a thing as it is now and Snapchat wasn't into deleting accounts as much too, so on that public account she would occasionally post nude shots but mostly it would be posts of everyday happenings, including behind the scenes of her work life as well as promotion of her website and info on camming times.
When she made a premium account I got it and it was fine but I wasn't expecting much because even then I understood that models that are predominantly cam girls, operate they're premium accounts differently and therefore her shows were more sporadic and varied, in terms of length and content. I remember there being a mix of solo shows, some behind the scenes shows of girls she'd be camming with, and I remember a snap of a brief moment of her going down on a guy.

Her premium started to slowly wind down and not too long after, she stopped. A detailed explanation was released on her blog/Twitter regarding why she didn't want to have a Snapchat anymore. Like I previously mentioned and like I've always stated on this site- models who cam are generally different from models who started operating from Snapchat first. There is a difference in the way they handle uploading snap content, in terms of how much, the frequency etc, and I think that some people who got Smartykat's premium bothered her a little bit too much with their demands and I think that was one of the reasons why she may have had enough of it, at that point- especially when in the camming world tips are usually accompanied with a request. She also has a long-term back problem that without self medicating with weed, can cause her a considerable amount of pain and leave her bed ridden. She once shared an x-ray photograph of a previous back operation she had undergone to correct an issue with her spine. It was also during this time that she started using Periscope and I got to know her a bit more via there. I also had access to her website from previous tips/contributions I had made when she had to leave her apartment- so I wasn't short of XXX vids to watch from her and wasn't distraught over her ending her premium snap.

Fast forward a few months later she started Snapchat again and I was added to that new account. For the most part duration and regularity of shows has stayed the same but more recently there's been a difference in content. The biggest one has to be that she has a partner- a partner that is also in the industry. He goes by the name of The Cock Ninja and he has a clip site and a popular channel (currently racked No.1) on Xvideos. This has led to more occasional inclusion of b/g snaps on her story and previews to videos they've shot. He also shoots content with other performers and Kat has used that to snap some behind the scenes footage- something which I personally enjoy seeing.
Since I've followed Kat she's always been into photography (even trying to win a competition on Instagram to get a pro camera from a photographer) and she'll occasionally post behind the scenes snaps of her shoots with models- usually in a picturesque outdoor location, so there's an element of public nudity with these types of BTS snaps.

Both inside and outside of Snapchat, Kat always works with other models and performers not only in making content but has assisted them with camming, promo and marketing. She was the 1st (that I saw) to have another model takeover on her Snapchat- originally on her public snap and then later on, other models snapped takeovers on her premium account which allowed models to be more explicit. I saw the beautiful  AuroraXoxo on there which led me to get some of her vids.  
Sucia has also been a model that has been one of the more frequent guests on her Snapchat and has been vocal about how much help Kat has been in navigating the world of camming, modelling etc. 

Kat is beautiful... stunning and has a bum that is just as beautiful. It's again one of those that's been sculpted by the ass gods and thankfully in times of her undress she doesn't hesitate to show it off in her great selfie sessions. Now with her having a partner, I've seen more angles and booty play (grabbing, spanking etc) 
Kat has often commented on her being a Domme and videos that I've seen that in, attest to that. Most videos or snaps with her and other models, especially Sucia, shows that she truly enjoys dominating. There's a very subtle focused/mean look that she gets when dominating that is ridiculously hot... there's a video, recorded during a webcam show, where she has Sucia strapped up and is forcing a vibrator onto her to the point of torture, which perfectly highlighted that. On a snap a while back, she was engaged in some mostly domme sex with a guy and again she used a vibrator on the tip of his cock causing him to shoot a couple big ropes of jizz into the air, while Kat laughed.

From the time I've joined her, communication/responses to DMs has been stellar. In the past I've had long typing convos with her and to this day she still responds to messages.
Kat will promote times when she's on cam, not necessarily to do a sex show but sometimes just wanting to watch a tv show with fans. Camming has never been my thing so I haven't seen much but I did once peek in when she and a couple of models did a 24hr cam session.

If you've been a fan of Kat and havent yet got her premium, now would probably be a good time because she has stated that she won't be offering the lifetime deal very soon and probably for the foreseeable future. Keep in mind that she's predominantly a cam model and you treat her premium as such, you won't be disappointed with it. 

(Oct '17)

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