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🇺🇸Snow White Princess🇺🇸
(Free account: swhiteprincess)

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  • Cute.
  • Sexy ass.
  • Lots of ass shaking/twerking.
  • Primarily shot through partner's lens 

  • Ended premium- to start it again.
  • No real interaction.

💰Payment type:💰 
One off payment.

🔞 18+ features on her show:
  • Solo play, with or without toys.
  • Play with her partner.
  • Some bath/shower shows.
  • Nude selfies.
  • Nude twerking/ass shaking.

📷Screenshots/video msg saving:📹
 Permitted ✅

After seeing Snow White Princess on a takeover where for the most part all that was mainly being shown were fun snaps of her shaking her ass and twerking in different places (and some censored snaps)- all shot by her partner. That was all that was needed for me to add her public account and after a few days of watching to see if it was all legit, I got her premium. 

Her premium started in the same way as the previews I saw, a small to average duration of snaps but lots of it being ass based and I liked that the majority of it was shot by her partner- I like watching it through the partner's and live as him through the duration of the story. That was definitely a factor in me getting her premium and from the snaps he took I had a feeling he was an ass man too and behaved as an ass man would with his girl in certain situations= like where you're just chilling or she's just out of the shower, you might want to sneak a look or grab on your ladies butt and he occasionally captured those more nonchalant moments amongst all the more 'pre planned' shows.

SWP is petite and cute with an ass that looks truly remarkable when she's bent over. I mean it's really a beautiful sight aided by the fact that she is an expert at arching her back perfectly and her tiny waist that leads out to her sexy hips and ass makes it look a real life, upside down heart emoji. The sexiness of all that is only compounded when she begins shaking and twerking from that position, because she has those soft cheeks that ripple at the slightest movement. Some of the hottest doggy style scenes I've seen on snapchat came from them. He almost always filmed it well from his point of view, with her back properly arched and head as low to the bed as she could go, her defined plump cheeks rippling and swaying with every thrust even with him gripping on them. There were many instances of him spraying down those cheeks, to end the snap story, but she also took a few facials too- sometimes him finishing off in her face/mouth or she would would jack him off but you could tell she wasn't really a fan of cum and it was funny seeing her quickly spit it out and leave the vicinity when he fired the last shots.
Viewers did also sometimes get snaps shot from her but they were mostly her promoting extra online services or voicing displeasure at something someone did and later on promoting strip-clubs she'd be performing at.

After a few months of me being on there there it started to go further down hill, there was less snaps posted with days of absence, sometimes she addressed it, attributing it to her being tired from her new work at a strip club. Posts soon turned into majority snaps from memories. Interactive talking to the members via the story or DM's was something that was never really something she did on her premium- so that didn't really decline. 
All of that was cool but then they decided to terminate their account which is not ideal if you've sold it as a 'lifetime' snapchat that hadn't even reached a year... but again that's cool- personal issues might cause you to do this, fine. The thing that comes off as kinda foul is then restarting the promotion of a premium snapchat using what was formerly the premium account as the one to now promote your snapchat. Seems kinda disrespectful and I don't know if it was because certain members did something to annoy her that brought on the decision to do that-towards the end of their premium I wasn't on snapchat for a bit so she may have gone into more detail on the story but this sort of decisions could easily be mass-messaged to all your subscribers as a courtesy. It's especially thoughtless if members tipped for some of the more decent shows, as I did.

Anyway, she's selling again, I'm obviously not really interested in getting it again, and if you see her and decide to, just be pre-warned that it might be short lived. (unless this time its not advertised as lifetime.)

(Dec '17)

**Update Jan '18'** 
They seemed to have had a change of heart and came back with a series of girl/girl shows, something they've never posted before. There's no consistent posting but at least, for the time being,  they've returned showing some new content. 

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