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  • Gorgeous.
  • Sexy curvy figure.
  • Cute accent.
  • Good communication.
  • Cool personality.
  • Lots of inexpensive video bundles offered.
  • Has pubes.

  • Could show more of the dominant side that she has talked about. 

💰Payment type:💰 
One off payment.

🔞 18+ features on her show:
  • Solo play, with or without toys.
  • Occasional play with her partner.
  • Bath/shower shows.
  • Nude selfies.
  • Some anal play.

📷Screenshots/video msg saving:📹
Permitted ✅

My memory's hazy on what takeover account I first saw Pam on, sometime mid/late last year. She is a gorgeous South American, Argentinian to be precise, and is blessed with all the almost stereotypical features associated with ladies from there. A gorgeous figure with a cute accent and sexy butt that made me sign up as soon as I had finished watching the takeover.

The first show had Pam playing with her dildo, holding the cam in her other hand and showing the action from different positions. The highlight for me was when she filmed herself riding it from behind, with a view of it entering her coupled with a view of her butthole, which she started to play with as she rode it.  
The show also featured some nude selfies of her incredible body, with cool snaps showing off her boobs and butt which are both stacked.
When I first joined she also had a little landing strip which she has now grown out into a sexy bush. 

As well as being on snap, Pamela cams and also sells a lot of content and her premium will oftentimes have info on great deals for purchasing video bundles. I want to say they're exclusive to premium members but I haven't searched her social network pages to see if she offers it there also. Similar to other models, these deals usually coincide with things she has planned or emergencies she needs extra funds for.  
In a way her premium has been similar to her videos, content wise, in that the majority of it has been solo shows. The times when her partner joined her has been a welcome treat, where they've had the usual sex you'd expect, from BJ's and HJ's to regular fucking. She has talked about being more of a dominant person sexually. She mentioned her love of pegging  guys, in a hot story where she just talked to us about her sexual preferences while moving around seductively in the nude, but so far I haven't seen that dominant personality expressed in her shows, solo or with her partner- but she does have a couple of videos that show this.

Pam's posts are varied in both duration and when she posts. There are weeks where she will post something almost everyday other weeks she won't for a couple of days. Usually she will tell you when she'll be absent- vacation, illness etc and she's also a student so that will obviously take precedence. Sometimes posts will just include day to day stuff, where she will share her interests. She's keen on music, rock music in particular and also plays herself and will sometimes talk about artists' shows she'll be going to. Like I said, she does does have a lot of promo for bundle deals on the videos that she makes, so if you take advantage of it you'll be nicely tide over till she returns from any brief hiatus from Snapchat. A nice premium account to get if you're into cute, sexy 

(Jul '17)

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Her Twitter: @sweetpam4you
Her Manyvids page: Pam on Manyvids

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